Festive Season: 6 Tips To Keep Your Diet Healthy During Festival season

Chennai: When surrounded by an alluring arrangement of sweets, and tempting aroma of snacks and as the festive season draws near, it’s very common for someone to pack on extra calories. Consuming too many of these tasty foods, however, can lead to unhealthful weight gain and their deleterious effect on health.

To prevent gaining weight, it’s critical to monitor your intake which is why we’re throwing some light on how to eat and snack this season in a way that’s better for your health and pleasing to the palate.

Tips to keep in mind to make festive foods healthy this year:

1. Make sweets at home

Indian celebrations wouldn’t be complete without sweets. Everybody looks forward to their favourite treat. The problem is that most of these Mithais, or sweets, are made in stores and are heavily fortified with sugar, fat, refined flour, and colour. Make your own confections at home this year using premium products and healthy substitutes rather than buying them. When cooking desserts at home, you have more control over the amount of sugar and fat utilised. This allows you to enjoy sweets guilt-free.

2. Pick healthy snacks

Healthy between-meal snacks help you stay satisfied and active while also lowering cravings. However, snacks served during gatherings, card games, or when guests are present could raise the total quantity of calories. Replace the unhealthy snacks with more wholesome options that have less salt, sugar, and fat. Roasted makhana, roasted chickpeas, granola bars, trail mixes, khakhra, almonds, and dried fruits etc are just a few of the many varieties of roasted snacks available.

3. Pick healthier alternatives

If you follow a balanced diet, you don’t have to give up your favourite foods and desserts. Remember, nevertheless, that eating is primarily for nourishing your body, not just to enjoy and celebrate. Make use of creative elements. A small substitution is all that is needed. Use honey or jaggery in place of sugar, for instance. In your recipe, swap out the unhealthy maida for healthy flour like whole wheat or ragi.

4. Don’t miss meals to compensate

If you don’t eat as per your body needs, you’ll either overeat at your next meal or start to crave fatty, sugary foods. Not the ideal situation to enjoy the holidays. You can begin your day with a nutritious breakfast. You will be best prepared for a day of healthy eating with a breakfast that is high in protein and fibre. As a general rule, have a healthy snack every two to three hours or as required.

5. Eat a salad with each meal

Over the holidays, cooking dinner at home is pricey. Your calorie intake may be balanced, you can reduce overeating, and you can feel fuller faster by eating a healthy, fresh vegetable salad. A bowl of salad made with fresh produce is a great way to receive fibre and healthy minerals.

6. Watch what you drink

Alcohol is known to stimulate hunger and is a source of empty calories. We are aware that excess calories cause the body to retain them as fat. Aerated and sugary drinks should be avoided at all costs. Choose green tea, detox water, coconut water, fresh juices, and mocktails during the holiday season.

Follow these suggestions to ensure that you maintain a healthy diet during the holiday season.

The article has been contributed by Mr. Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director & Preventive Healthcare Specialist, Indus Health Plus.

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