For a comfortable stroll with your little one

Chicco has come up with the “BEST FRIEND PRO Stroller”

Every outing, whether it’s a holiday or an evening stroll, with your little one is a memorable experience. We all know the importance of getting your babies outside into nature. Taking an infant on outdoor adventures may sound crazy or overwhelming, but those small amounts of time spent outdoors do wonders for parents and baby’s health, mood, and spirit. Also, it lays the foundation of how your little ones understand and interpret the world around them. For a baby, every new experience is a new learning – colours sights, trees, people, clouds, trees and so on. These experiences have a lasting impression on them and help in the development of their senses. All this can happen safely and smoothly with a baby stroller that provides utmost comfort to the baby and makes parents life easier during shopping, strolling or while they go about their daily routine.

Chicco, the leading baby care brand has launched Best Friend Pro Stroller which offers comfortable and memorable trips to parents and babies together. It has a premium, elegant look with a reversible seat which can be changed from parent-facing to out-facing in an easy step. Moreover, its fully reclining backrest provides cozy space to the newborns and the adjustable leg rest offers utmost to the baby right from day one while napping or sitting up.

Chicco’s Best Friend Pro stroller has the unique style quotient which makes a perfect style statement for parents and babies. From Premium fabric to stitching, from colored metallic frame tooated Material inserts, Chicco Best Friend Pro has been carefully designed to compliment your stylish and elegant looks when out and about. Adding to it, large sporty wheels are equipped with shock absorbers and ball bearings for smooth and pleasant strolls everywhere. The Swivel wheels in front and toe-tap linked brakes on the rear wheels provide agility and assured safety.

Whenever we talk about Chicco’s strollers, they are safe, comfortable and can be folded easily. Same goes with Best Friend Pro stroller which can also be easily folded with just one hand for a compact fold. Further, the seat can be removed while folding to achieve an even more compact fold. The extendible canopy with specific water repellent treatment helps protect the baby in poor climatic conditions. And with UV50+ protection, you can go out for stroll with your baby even on sunny days.

Price – INR 29,990

Availability – Available through online and offline channels

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