Level Up Your Skincare for The New Year with these New Additions on Vanity Wagon

Presenting The Best That Clean Beauty has to Offer

Vanity Wagon, India’s first clean beauty marketplace, was born with the vision of educating and introducing to the masses the benefits of natural and organic beauty and making it accessible. This innovative platform has made strides in the industry and brought innumerable national and international clean beauty brands to the consumers with the ease of a click. This winter, Vanity Wagon has added five new special additions from across the globe to get us prepped and ready to step into the new year with clean skin and even cleaner beauty practices.

First of the lot is Lambre, a European Global Beauty brand available in more than 30 countries with over a million happy customers. Styled on French skincare essentials, Lambre is synonymous with high-quality, functional products that promote mindful beauty. The collection consists of primers, moisturizers, eau de toilettes and a wide variety of creams targeting different skincare concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles. The scientists at Lambre’s factories in France, Poland and Italy are mindful of the fact that no two skin concerns are the same and as a result, create world class products using cutting edge technology and a humane approach. Even the ingredients used in these incredible products are acquired directly from the native source, which is the best way to procure anything.

In alignment with this combination of beauty and science is Fixderma, another new launch on Vanity Wagon. Fixderma is powered by science through and through. The brand’s philosophy is centered around three pillars – Prevent. Protect. Correct. They use scientific research and solutions to create effective products for skincare and haircare. Their vast product range including sunscreens, stretch mark creams, anti-hair fall products, and even maternity products can now all be found on Vanity Wagon.

You can also get your hands on Love Organically products on Vanity Wagon. The perfect synergy of Ayurveda and Modern Science has armed Love Organically with the power to make a real difference in the skincare world by welcoming luxurious wellness in your skincare routines. Their products are made using the most natural and effective ingredients such as neem, aloe vera, tea tree, rose petals, turmeric, and more. From face masks and bath salts to facial rollers and combs, Love Organically provides all things skincare!

Everyone is unique and beautiful regardless of what society says, and so Vanity Wagon brings to you – Flawsome. Flawsome provides skin and hair care solutions with fun and unique products such as Cake Therapy Intense Repair and Hydration Hair Mask and Kind Intentions Gentle Hair Shampoo. Everyone is awesome despite the “flaws” perpetuated by society and that’s where Flawsome comes in.

Finally, Vanity Wagon has also launched iORA, India’s first prebiotic skincare brand that is truly harnessing this natural technology and combining it with superfoods, microalgae, and essential oils. iORA believes in feeding your skin with the correct Prebiotic ingredients that truly strengthen your skin’s barrier and help it fight imbalances like oiliness, dry skin, and breakouts, etc. Their products such as Prebiotic Sleeping Mask, Prebiotic Underarm Brightening Serum, Prebiotic Foaming Facewash, and more are available to shop on Vanity Wagon’s website.

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