Yet another memorable jingle from Vicco, this time for the launch of its Turmeric Facewash

 Vicco Labs has launched its new campaign for Vicco Turmeric Facewash.

Mumbai : Created by Yellow Windows Communications, this jingle based ad tells the youth to try out the new Vicco facewash and squash all their skin problems like pimples, acne and dark spots. The film is young, fresh and very Bollywood-esque and the jingle has viewers grooving to its tunes.

Commenting on the launch, Devesh Pendharkar, Director, Vicco Laboratories said, “Vicco is known for its quality products. We have been manufacturing ayurvedic products since 7 decades. Turmeric face wash is yet another quality product that we have launched in our skin care portfolio. With the goodness of Turmeric, it is the best product available in anti acne, anti pimple category. The product has been developed keeping in mind teenagers as they have to face early age pimple problem. We have tried to communicate all these benefits to the relevant audiences through the peppy and energetic jingle.”

Virendra Saini and Jyotsna Bhat, Managing partners, Yellow Windows Communications, said, “Vicco is known for its two iconic brands Vicco Vajradanti and Vicco Turmeric. We wanted to establish Vicco Turmeric Facewash as a new brand of Vicco and build top of mind recall in an already cluttered facewash market. Our research learnings gave us good insights into the minds of the youth and their fears to do with skin. Face is the first thing that is noticed when you meet somebody and therefore pimples, acne and other skin problems being a big confidence downer, was an understanding that drove us to create this piece of communication. The idea was to bring out the already accepted benefits of Turmeric as a sure shot solution to many skin problems in a youthful manner thus addressing the youth’s fears. Through our film, we built a perceived popularity for the brand by making it appear as if everyone knew of its benefits and was already using it. And the simple lyrics extolling the benefits set to foot tapping music did the rest.”

Shrirang Tembhekar, Marketing & Media Manager, adds, “To reach out to the youngsters, one has to communicate in their language and that is exactly what we have done. Also, we need to standout from the clutter and the jingle has done that for us. This campaign is visible on TV and digital. We will also be leveraging all possible digital mediums that can help us to connect with the youth.”

Set up in Jan 2021, Yellow Windows Communications is co founded by Virendra Saini and Jyotsna Bhat. Calling themselves Agents of Sunshine, they believe in adding shine to all they come in contact with – be it their brands, clients, employees, vendors and even those lesser privileged. 10% of all their earnings are set aside for various good causes which they personally handpick.

Virendra comes from a rich experience of more than 25 years at Triton Communications while Jyotsna has spent around 18 years at Ogilvy before she went on to head Triton Creative, Mumbai. It was there that they worked on the Vicco brands and revamped the Vicco Vajradanti jingle with Alia.

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