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5 Healthtech startups that are making waves in the healthcare industry in India

Technology has revolutionized the way patients are being treated around the world and will continue to do so. The healthcare industry has begun to reap the benefits of digital technology, particularly AI, in a variety of areas, ranging from medication development to assisting healthcare practitioners in their decision-making to boosting diagnosis and patient treatment productivity. To address long-standing healthcare concerns, healthcare companies are developing breakthrough solutions incorporating AI, IoT, robotics, and data analytics. Below mentioned are 5 Healthtech startups that are doing wonders for public health in india.


Saurabh Kochhar and Dr Naveen Nishchal founded Meddo, a Gurugram-based phygital outpatient care platform, in 2018. Its mission is to modernize outpatient care by standardizing and modernizing services across freestanding clinics, transforming them into smart full-service health centres, and providing high-quality care at a reasonable cost. Meddo collaborates with clinics to transform them into full-service health centres that provide one-stop care for all patients while also digitally enabling the entire healthcare ecosystem through in-house technology and systems. The business integrates a chosen network of well-known doctors with diet, lifestyle, and medical testing. Customers can also view their health records through the company’s mobile app.

Navia Life Care

Navia Life Care is one of India’s fastest-growing digital health startups, contributing to the reduction of information asymmetry and elevated access to high-quality data across the healthcare ecosystem. It was established with the goal of delivering creative platforms to healthcare providers around the world in order to improve the standard of care and patient health outcomes. Since its inception in 2016, Navia Life Care has developed a connected care platform that allows for the seamless transmission of information among various stakeholders in the healthcare industry, while also generating real-world evidence that helps these stakeholders gain a better understanding of their situation through actionable insights.

Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care is a new-age healthcare organization with a laser-sharp focus on streamlining a patient’s and his or her attendant’s complete surgery process by providing support and services at every step. Pristyn Care was founded in 2018 to provide patients with the use of an end-to-end elective surgery experience. It helps patients by providing pre-surgery consultations with doctors, assisting in getting prescribed diagnostics completed, assisting with remote insurance clearance, admission and discharge formalities, cab pick-up/drop, and post-surgery follow-up consultations.


Practo allows a person to bypass the huge lines at the hospital and schedule an appointment with a doctor. Teleconsultations and viewing of patient profiles are also possible with Practo. In the year 2008, the company was established. It claims to have over one lakh doctor profiles from India and Singapore on its website. Practo is on a journey to create quality healthcare cheaper and more accessible to India’s population of over a billion people. We believe in providing precise, extensive, and curated information and care to their consumers so that they may make better healthcare decisions.

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