Yummiano tasting success with experimental banana chip flavors

New Delhi: Delhi-based snacks startup, Yummiano announced that post-pandemic, the sales of its vacuum-cooked snacks range have seen a tremendous jump owing to the inclination towards guilt-free healthy eating. Of healthy chips variants, Banana chips make over 15% of the total sales; Banana chips Maggi Masala with authentic Maggi masala and Tangy Tomato flavours accounts for over 60% of the total banana chips sales. The...

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Indian youth prefer snacking on almonds, according to a recent survey

As the world around us changes rapidly and access to information grows exponentially, there has been a shift in the way consumers across India are viewing their lifestyle and food choices. This shift in perception is especially evident amongst younger Indians, between the ages of 18 -35 years, who have become cognizant of their lifestyles, and are consciously taking steps to improve it. Highlights: Almonds...

Vegolution India Launches Hello Tempayy – Plant-Based, Protein-Rich Food Products – In Hyderabad

Hyderabad: To a city that is famous for its cuisines and flavours, Vegolution India Pvt. Ltd., a Bengaluru-based food start-up introduces Hello Tempayy. For the first time in Hyderabad, consumers will have access to a new, versatile-ingredient tempeh in a range of unique, ready-to-cook products that are nutritious, wholesome and 100% vegetarian. These are high-protein, low-carb, packed with vitamins and a clean label offering. Made...

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The Health Benefits of having milk

by Kishore Indukuri – CEO & Founder, Sid’s Farm One of the most famous drink or a component that is added to mostly all beverages in India is “milk”.  Since, the childhood it has been a common practice where the parents insisted the kids to have a glass of milk everyday even if the kids continuously denied it.  “Milk is one of the most common...

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New Study Suggests that Eating Almonds Improves Blood Glucose Control and Cholesterol in Young People with Prediabetes

Researchers find that almond snacking may help improve HbA1c and blood lipids in young adults and adolescents with prediabetes Hyderabad: Over the last 40 years, the number of people living with diabetes globally has quadrupled[i] and this upward trajectory is especially steep in India. In fact, Indians have the highest annual progression to type 2 diabetes from pre-diabetes (about 14-18%), which calls for lifestyle interventions...

ITC Ltd. introduces ‘Sunfeast All Rounder’, India’s own thin potato biscuits

National: ITC Ltd.'s Sunfeast, one of India's most preferred brands in biscuits & cakes, has introduced another new-to-market biscuit experience with the launch of Sunfeast All-Rounder. Sunfeast All Rounder is an exciting new potato biscuit that is masala sprinkled, crunchy and one of the thinnest biscuits ever manufactured in India. The delightful inclusion of potato in the base promises a revolutionary new experience in the...

Take a conscious step towards mending ecological balance with BlueTribe’s newly-launched Plant-Based Chicken Keema and Chicken Nuggets

BlueTribe, a food tech company working on a mission to reinvent meat consuming methods, is gearing up to launch plant-based Chicken Keema and Chicken Nuggets in the City of Joy- Kolkata. The brand also has saucy Chicken & Pork Sausages made with pea protein in the pipeline. It aims to provide plant-based meat products that are delicious alternatives to regular meat-based food items. BlueTribe has...

The Belgian Waffle Co. Celebrates Milestone Store Opening

The Belgian Waffle Co., India's fastest growing dessert outlet chain, has recently announced the opening of their 250th outlet at Trichy, Tamil Nadu. This latest achievement comes as no surprise, given that they are known to ring up sales of more than 40,000 waffles every day! Owned and operated by parent company Bloombay Enterprises LLP, The Belgian Waffle Co. was founded by Shrey Aggarwal, a businessman...

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Coritos Crispy Cheesy Nachos

Ingredients Cornitos Cheese & Herbs Nacho Crisps 150gm Sweet Corn (Boiled) 150 gm Sour Cream 120 ml Lemon Wedges 2 nos Coriander 20 gm Taco Seasoning As per taste Method Arrange the Cornitos Cheese & Herbs Nacho Crisps on the platter, then add sweet corn, pour sour cream evenly on the nachos, finish with chopped coriander and taco seasoning. Garnish with lemon wedges.

A healthy lifestyle calls for mindful snacking habits

If the pandemic has taught us something, it is to take care of our body. As a result, there has been a drastic shift in lifestyle and food choices amongst the consumers. They have switched to healthier diets consisting of nutritious options to prepare their bodies to fight against the virus. People have started taking a keen interest in ingredients used in making the product...