6 Companies promising sound sleep to customers

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2020 has been a year of stressful time for many. During this period there has been a huge fluctuation in people’s spending habits. There was a biggest jump in the sales of household products, personal care and health products. If there’s one thing that unites people, regardless of their background, age and status, it’s the love of a good night’s sleep. It’s now a realised fact that sleep is a working-class consumer’s luxury as it directly connects to their health and productivity. Due to this, the wellness market has gone beyond categories like food, fitness and mental health and is seen as an immense potential and rise of sleep solutions brands in India. Here are a few brands exploring the science behind sleep, and attempting to help individuals improve their sleeping habits.

  1. Livpure Sleep – A pioneer in the Indian consumer technology space, Livpure is a revolutionary brand that has been committed to ensuring optimum health through pure water and pure air since its inception. With a strong legacy, Livpure has forayed into the Sleep & Wellness category in the year 2020 and has launched eco-friendly sleep and wellness products that not only benefit users but also the planet. Moving beyond harmful, artificial materials, Livepure’s mattresses and pillows use organic raw materials to strive for health consciousness, ecological consciousness, innovation, and change.  The company offers a wide collection of products to help consumers get the best of their choice. Apart from rich quality mattresses and pillows, Livpure offers a variety of bed linens such as Mattress Protector and All-Weather Comforter and other home accessories. Website Link: https://www.livpuresleep.com/
  2. Wakefit – The leading home and sleep solutions provider recently conducted a survey of 1,500 respondents from all over India to understand their sleeping habits during the covid-19 lockdown in March. Around 67% claimed that working from home had altered their sleep schedules, while 50% said their sleep patterns had been disrupted during this period. Half of them said that working from home made them sleepier during work hours, and 81% were hopeful that their sleep schedules would improve, even return to normal, once the lockdown was lifted. The company has driven growth based on the twin pillars of product innovation and customer centricity. Launched in 2016, with a mission to promote a healthy sleep culture with its products, the firm has seen a 3x rise in annual revenue since its inception. From retailing mattresses online directly to customers, today the company has expanded its portfolio over the years to include bed frames, bedsheets, comforters, neck pillows, pillows, back cushions and mattress protectors.Website Link: https://www.wakefit.co/
  3. Sleepycat – An online direct to consumer mattress startup makes orthopedic mattresses that ensure good sleep. Buy the purr-fect mattress from the comfort of your home. In this already-crowded market, making the right choice when it comes to choosing a mattress is no mean task, especially considering that a purchase typically lasts 10 years or more. Mumbai-based SleepyCat, is making this choice take on another dimension – of convenience.  The company has come up with the concept of mattress-in-a-box, where a mattress can be ‘boxed’ compactly for easy delivery. The cost of a SleepyCat mattress ranges between Rs 10,000 and Rs 17,000 according to their website prices.Website Link: https://sleepycat.in/
  4. Flo Mattress – Mumbai based Flo Mattress is the Most Intelligent Mattress In India, delivered In a Box. Flo Mattress has introduced two variants — ergo mattress and ortho mattress wherein In ergo mattress, temperature sensitive memory foam has been used which increases blood circulation and gives quality sleep. The ortho mattress is for people above the age of 61 and for anyone who has back problems.  Flo Mattress is now planning to enter offline business with experiential showrooms. It is also going to expand its product-line with pillows, blankets, bed-sheets and mattress protectors. Website Link: https://www.flomattress.com/
  5. Wink & Nod – A Pune based startup that deals with memory foam mattresses and pillows offers innovative memory foam mattresses covered with bamboo fabric. Wink & Nod’s product portfolio consists of three models of mattresses (Lumbar, Lounge and Emperia) ranging between Rs 11,499 and Rs 16,499, and three varieties of pillows (Mist, Snow, and Carbon) priced between Rs 1,950 and Rs 2,900. Its mattresses are designed in a way that they can be compressed and fitted into 4 ft x 2.5 ft boxes, reducing warehousing and shipping costs for the company. It makes them much more convenient to handle as well. Website Link: https://winknod.myshopify.com/
  6. Sunday Mattress – Sunday Mattresses, a Bengaluru-based sleep-focused, disruptive, technology driven company is passionate about building mattresses and other accessories that ensure good sleep. The company has three models of mattresses – Memory Plus, Ortho Plus and Latex Plus, serving the needs of customers in different stages of their lifecycle. Ortho Plus is the fast moving model for the company. Website Link: https://www.sundayrest.com/
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