A crowd-scanning laser camera to fight the coronavirus

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French startup Outsight has developed a groundbreaking autonomous laser capable of managing crowd flow. According to its designers, the new device makes it possible to track individuals and monitor the behavior of large numbers of people so as to ensure wearing of masks and respect for social distancing rules.

The new “3D-semantic camera” can follow individuals over a large area, ensure that they are wearing masks, and check their body temperatures and respect for social distancing, but without compromising their privacy.

Rather than tracking an entire crowd in a sports arena, store or any other public space, the goal of the new device is to identify behaviors and track individuals or groups on the basis of selected criteria, and thus enable human staff to intervene where they are most needed.

Outsight, which is hoping that the new technology will soon be deployed in public areas, has not disclosed any further details of implementation plans for the moment.

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