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A Very Merry Christmas With Hurrem’s

Mumbai: Join the merriment at Hurrem’s this Christmas as India’s first-ever authentic Turkish baklava brand adds to the festive cheer by introducing an exclusive range of holiday-themed Turkish confectionery and desserts, perfect to show your appreciation and gratitude to loved ones.

Hurrem’s has launched a delectable variety of chocolate coated lokums, popularly known as Turkish Delights. The milk chocolate coated pistachio and hazelnut lokums and dark chocolate coated rose and pomegranate lokums have been launched especially for the holiday season. The brand is also offering holiday-themed dates available in a variety of Christmas flavours. The season-special variety includes chocolate coated dates with hazelnut or fruit puree and nut filling. Alternatively, guests can choose to enjoy the white chocolate coated dates adorned with green pistachios, indulgent and delectable that leave you craving Christmas flavours year-round.  Finally, Hurrem’s signature chocolate flavoured baklava, a favourite amongst patrons, is ideal for the festive season; its cocoa flavoured filo pastry layered with crushed pistachios and topped with molten chocolate and decadence makes for a rich sweet treat to indulge in this season. All the offerings are 100% vegetarian and the baklava is handcrafted by Turkish chefs who have been trained in Gaziantep.

Hurrem’s has launched a special “three-tiered holiday hamper”, which includes a box each of the holiday-themed Turkish Delights, baklava and dates and nuts. Guests may also avail the Christmas limited edition boxes – available for a fixed price of INR 1100, these gift boxes can include any combination of our holiday offerings. Pre-curated assorted gift boxes with a premium wooden packaging are also available, filled with holiday-themed Turkish desserts and sheer delight.

The Christmas special offerings are priced at INR 1000 -3000 and are all available at the Hurrem’s store at Fort, Mumbai as well as at the Hurrem’s kiosk at Foodhall, Linking Road. Contact the store on +919920559204/ +91 22-47415007 for enquiries.