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Anvayaa launches its Elder Care Services in Coimbatore

Offers 360o degree, technology-enabled personalized senior care through a network of ‘Care Managers’ & partners

Coimbatore : Anvayaa, India’s first and only IoT and AI tech-based personalized elderly care platform now launches its services in Coimbatore city to serve elders of the children staying away from their parents due to unavoidable reasons. To fulfill every need of the elders and make their life easy, Anvayaa is setting up a robust eco-system in Coimbatore by partnering with Portea Medical, Boanerges Homecare services, Ease my care health care services, Medicos elder care services for Home Health Care, Stanplus Ambulance, Annai Ambulance Services, Kovai Ambulance Services for Ambulance services, Stepmeds for Pharmacy, Kovai Diagnostics for Diagnostics Centres, Daily Grub for Food Services & V R Local for Home Appliance Repairs and also creating its in-house team of ‘Care Managers’ and ‘24×7 Care Coordinators’. Anvayaa has the most innovative technology platform in the country in the eldercare space for efficient care and predictable service for senior citizens and has won much national and international recognition.

Anvayaa is currently discharging its services to the elders in 6 cities and has paved the way for the elders to lead their lives with a sense of empowerment and dignity in society. According to research, health care forms only 30% of the services required by the elders in the society, the rest is practical and emotional support for daily needs. Anvayaa over the years has built a tech-enabled 360o solution for the elderly with a network of over 250 partners across domains including health care services. Diagnostics and pharmacy, home maintenance, libraries, grocery, surveillance & security, local travel, lawyers, and many more to help the elders lead a life comfortably. This has been proven by the 6,000 families that have opted for Anvayaa’s services in the past 6 years.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Prashanth Reddy, Founder, and Managing Director, Anvayaa Kin-Care Pvt Ltd. Said, “We are delighted to start our services at Coimbatore. Anvayaa is helping children to look after their parents while they are away from their elderly. We offer a one-stop solution for the needs of the elder’s in society by taking care of elders’ health, through regular monitoring and disruptive use of technology to provide 24×7 emergency assistance using our proprietary App both on Android and iOS. Anvayaa provides social & emotional care services to ensure elders don’t feel lonely. We hope to enroll more and more families with Anvayaa and extend care-comfort and convenience to the elders and provide peace of mind to them and their kids.”

Anvayaa maintains the elder’s medical records, home healthcare support, diagnostics, Medical Emergency tracking system, auto reminders, and daily care. Besides support for health care, they have set up a detailed eco-system with over 250 partners to fulfill every need of elders and make their life easy. They also provide an effective payment management service to all subscribers of Anvayaa services using its proprietary application which helps kids and the elderly to manage all payments hassle-free without going to banks and using cash. The company has also set up a network of Care Managers (on-field Anvayaa employees working with the customers directly) and 24X7 – Care Coordinators that work with a team that treats elders as their extended family and coordinate all their needs. They have recently introduced a special plan for ‘Dementia Care’ with professionally curated programs that provide Cognitive Stimulation to slow down the progress of Dementia in the Elder at the mild to moderate stages.