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Anveya house of brands launches Curlvana, one-stop curly hair care range

Bangalore : Anveya Living, a house of premium skincare and hair care brands, dedicated to bringing innovative world-class products for consumer segments and consumer needs in the country, launches Curlvana- India’s 1st glycerin-free haircare range for curly hair.

The company announced the launch of its exciting exclusive line for curls care, branded Curlvana. The range starting from Rs. 600 simplifies curly hair care and solves all the hair care needs of the curly community in one place.

The Curlvana range for curly hair care comprises a mild shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner, a leave-in cream, a styling gel, and a weekend hair mask. The company has created these products based on the feedback of hundreds of consumers, taking care of their most important pain points with the current solutions. The products are CG-friendly, consisting only of the ingredients that curls love, and ditching all the ones curls do not.