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Aster Medcity Releases ‘Canspire’ a Memoir of Cancer Survivors

Launches ‘Centre for Day Care Cancer Procedures’

Kochi : ‘Canspire’- a book compiling inspirational life stories of cancer survivors published by Aster Medcity was unveiled by renowned Writer, Director & Actor Mr. Renji Panicker in a function held at Kochi. The First edition of Canspire, portrays the experiences of seven cancer survivors during their treatment at Aster Medcity.

Centre for Day Care Cancer Procedures, a new initiative of Aster Medcity which enables cancer patients advised for selected cancer surgeries can complete entire procedures and return home on the same day itself.

Copies of Canspire will be freely available from the hospital and E-copies can be downloaded from the Aster Medcity website. Canspire book aims to give hope, and courage to inspire those patients’ battling cancer.Centre for Day Care Cancer Procedures will be beneficial for selected cancer surgeries, by providing medical and surgical services up to three patients in a day. The service is more convenient for patients by avoiding admission for a couple of days for selected cancer surgeries and return home atmosphere on the same day of the surgery. “The functioning of the center is organized in the most suitable and comfortable manner for the patients”, says Dr. Jem Kalathil, Senior Consultant, Onco Surgery, Aster Medcity

“The confidence of the patient is more important than medicine and treatment to survive any medical condition. To maintain it, sharing life experiences of people going through similar situations can be an inspiration”, says Farhan Yasin, Regional Director, Aster Hospitals – Kerala and Oman.

“From famous Cycling champion, Lance Armsrtrong’s book ‘Comeback from Cancer’ to Malayalam actor Innocent’s ‘Cancer Wardile Chiri’ books that give hope to the sufferers is not small. A very ordinary person can find inspiration in the writing in Canspire. Aster’s Initiatives addressing social causes like this are commendable,” said Renji Panickar.

Aster Medcity has implemented many novel initiatives related to cancer treatment including ‘Aster Care Together’. Aster has also partnered with various programs including Hibi Eden MP’s Soukhyam to raise awareness about cancer and provide affordable treatment.

Renji Paniker, Farhan Yasin, Dr. Jem Kalathil, Senior Consultant Medical Oncology, Dr. Arun R Warrier, Consultant Radiation Oncologist Dr. Durga Poorna, doctors from Oncology department, staff including nurses, coordinators, cancer survivors and family, cancer charitable society Canserve’s volunteers have also participated in the event.