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AVPL to Launch Comprehensive Drone Certification Course in Collaboration with 13 Leading Institutes and Universities

The cutting-edge one-year program will cover R&D, technician training, and maintenance of drones with Industry Experts.

Gurgaon: AVPL, a leading agri drone company, today announced that it is launching a comprehensive one-year drone certification course, in collaboration with 13 partner deemed universities. This initiative is designed to empower aspiring professionals with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the evolving field of drones.

Drone utilization is increasingly rapidly across the country on the back of favorable government regulations and greater availability of cost-effective drones. Drones are being used in delivery, agriculture, surveillance, disaster management, mining and more. This course will help students gain an understanding of drones from both a theoretical and practical standpoint, and make them job-ready.

Some of the subjects covered in the course include: a brief history of drones, drone components and technology, flight maneuvers and techniques, aerial photography and videography, maintenance and troubleshooting, and weather and environmental factors.

Students will also learn about government regulations to ensure they comply with the laws of the land, as well as learn ethical ways to operate and fly drones.

Said Ms. Preet Sandhuu, Chairman, AVPL, “The drone industry is growing at a rapid pace and there are a number of ways in which drones can transform operations for businesses, agriculture and defence. We at AVPL are proud to be doing our part in helping this burgeoning industry evolve and contribute a crop of job-ready talent to the market.”

The course is open to those who have completed their Graduation  as minimum qualifications.

AVPL recognizes the significance of learning from those at the forefront of the industry. To facilitate this, the program will feature a lineup of industry experts who will share their insights and experiences with the participants. Collaborative learning will be a cornerstone of this program, allowing students to engage with real-world scenarios and problem-solving, thereby enhancing their practical skills.

The course will be available through AVPL’s remote pilot training organizations (RPTO), as well as in strategic partnerships with 13 deemed partner universities which includes Om sterling university , silver oak university , Pm college , UOT and many more prestigious names .

This strategic collaboration aims to create a robust ecosystem for drone education and innovation.