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BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Unleashes “Battle Beats” Anthem and Contest

  • Jeeto is BGMI’s new anthem composed by Benny Dayal and written by 1080G
  • BGMI also announced Battle Beats – a digital music  contest that has exciting rewards up for grabs

New Delhi: BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), India’s most-loved battle royale title, is excited to announce the launch of “Battle Beats,” a unique music-based contest unlike anything they have done before. The BGMI theme is one of most iconic tunes in the world of gaming and resonates with 150M gamers. As the part of the contest, the participants have a chance to share their own rendition of this iconic theme or use it to create their own music video and win exclusive in-game rewards. Gamers, both new and experienced, are invited to participate in this exciting contest and celebrate the anthem and the BGMI community

Leading the contest from the front is the BGMI anthem – Jeeto, written by 1080G and composed by the immensely talented, Benny Dayal, This anthem isn’t just any song; it’s complete with in-game lingo and phrases that gamers know and love. The theme song encapsulates the essence of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, and its infectious rhythm is bound to have players finding their favourite KOLs 8Bit Thug, Dynamo, Kaashvi, Mavi, Clutchgod & Shadow grooving along with Benny Dayal rapping their favourite in-game catchphrases.

“I was absolutely intrigued with the incredible fan following of BGMI, and wanted to create a wonderful tribute to them, while collaborating with its top stars. I’ve learnt a lot of BGMI lingo while creating this piece, and here’s to the fans grooving to it as much as I loved creating it. I hope it resonates with gamers, inspiring them to channel their passion through the universal languages of music and gaming. I’m looking forward to the entries in the Battle Beats contest”, said Benny Dayal.

Benny Dayal is taking the lead in creating music for Battle Beats with Jeeto, and people can participate in Battle Beats by creating either remixes of the original tune or their own rendition of the theme. Participants can also use the theme song and create their music video. They will need to upload their video or song and upload it on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, tagging BGMI and using the contest hashtag – #BGMIBattleBeats

To make this contest launch even more exciting, BGMI has gone a step further by releasing an electrifying music video for the track. The video stars none other than Benny Dayal, 1080G, and some of India’s most celebrated gamers, including 8Bit Creators Thug, Mavi, Kaashvi, Dynamo from Hydra Gaming, and ClutchGod and Shadow from GodL. The video features gamers while wearing outfits inspired by the iconic characters of BGMI and other iconic in-game elements from Battle Beats.

Watch the music video for Jeeto here:

This convergence of music and gaming is only the beginning of the “Battle Beats” journey. The digital contest, which is live now, is offering an array of exciting prizes, which include coveted X-suits, generous UC giveaways, and exclusive in-game features like getting your name and winning track featured in BGMI. Gamers, both new and experienced, are invited to participate in this exciting contest and celebrate the anthem and the BGMI community.

“Battle Beats” is a movement that brings together the creativity of BGMI’s community and the gaming spirit that unites us all. It is the celebration of the people’s love for the BGMI theme, its players, and the vibrant culture that has sprung up around it. The anthem and music video encapsulate the adrenaline-pumping experience of BGMI, and the forthcoming contest promises to keep the excitement going.

BGMI is proud to launch “Battle Beats” and looks forward to seeing the community’s incredible remixes and music videos that will undoubtedly capture the spirit of the game. This is a testament to the growing influence of gaming in our culture and the limitless potential for creativity within the BGMI community.

The project was conceptualized by Bangalore based – The Silly Fellows. The music video is directed by Altray (Ray Rajdip), a renowned music video director and short film maker.

They were both enabled by Good Fellas Studio, a Mumbai based production house that’s worked with The Silly Fellows on projects of a similar format.

For more information on “Battle Beats,” including contest rules, submission guidelines, and exciting updates, stay tuned to BGMI’s official channels on Instagram, and make sure to follow #BGMIBattleBeats on Instagram.