Bluei launched ‘Massive 4’ Headphone Designed for Working Professional and Students

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New Delhi: Today, Bluei announced the launch of wireless noise-canceling headphones, MASSIVE 4 providing the perfect hassle-free experience for life on-the-go. The headphone is specially designed for working peoples and students. Students of all ages will be doing a lot more video calls and online distance learning, so a solid pair of headphones or audio headset is a must. So the brand comes with an idea to design a compact, lightweight, rough-n-tough, long battery life, and stylish wireless headphone is the perfect travel companion for students and working peoples.

Massive 4 powered with a battery life of up to 15 hours. Though WFH likely gives you the liberty to pump up the volume of speakers, headphones can still come in handy for work calls, perfect for tuning out potential distractions around the house, or intruding sounds from outside, thanks to the noise-canceling technology. They’re especially well-suited for use during online classes or important work calls since the mics can isolate your voice from background noises, thanks to a built-in mic and mute button that allow you to seamlessly switch between call and music.

The headset is compatible with all mobile phones, laptops, portable gaming devices, and computers. Also Massive 4 glutted with space-age technology and features such as neodymium speaker drivers which not just give you an amazing sound quality but also lasts long the newest Bluetooth version 5.0 is supported. Last but not the least, it’s also loaded with volume control options on the earcups to give you easy access to the audio adjustments. Massive 4 has 40-mm drivers and adjustable earcups to ensure you enjoy a comfortable listening experience that is immersive. The headset comes in stylish metallic color.

Sedulous, comfortable, and high-grade Bluei headphones can be folded compactly to be carried at ease anywhere you go. Its super stylish look adds an essence of charm to your personality.

On the launch of the Massive 4 headphone Akhilesh Chopra, Sales Director at Bluei said, “We at Bluei keep the innovation and transformations on a continuous process. With millions of students gearing up to take classes in front of a computer, headphones may be an essential back-to-school item this year. Noise-canceling headphones can help students studying at home, where the distractions from fellow quarantiners can make for a less-than-ideal learning environment. Bluei Massive 4 is designed with immersive high definition sound quality for students and working people for daily use. Our motive is to catering every age group and every user this is the reason we sell our product at an affordable price”.

The retail price of the product is 1750 INR and comes with 6 months warranty.

Bluei products are also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

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