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BOMBA in also now Gluten Free

Pizzas & Taco’s at the Pizzeria offer more variety

New Delhi: BOMBA, the new, cool restaurant on the block, known as the place where flavourful Pizzeria meets Taqueria – has unveiled its new Gluten-Free menu to welcome a wider range of customers with gluten sensitivities within six months of its launch.

This is the first outlet Of BOMBA in Delhi and it has made quite a name for itself. The restaurant has become one of NCR’s most acclaimed contemporary restaurants.  The new Gluten Free menu includes a new pizza base and a new tortilla which help make the menu more inclusive for diners who suffer from sensitivity to gluten.

Mrs. Alisha Mehra a Le Cordon Bleu London, aluminous and BOMBA co-founder states “BOMBA is all about celebrating the love for Pizzas & Taco – serving an array of soft-shell tacos in their Taqueria. Many of our patrons with Gluten sensitivities would come with their friends and not be able to enjoy the same Pizza and Taco. Therefore, we knew that the demand was there”

The same menu that people have been loving is now available now has gluten free pizzas tacos and salads. The gluten free items are however available at an additional charge, RS200 for the pizza and RS150 for the tacos.

“There are really very limited options for a complete Gluten Free meal here in Delhi and in most cases, it’s a dish here or a dish there. We at BOMBA can let our guests with Gluten  sensitivities enjoy the same Pizza as their fellow diners.” Further added Mrs. Mehra.

Gluten is a protein naturally found in some grains including wheat, barley, and rye. It acts as a binder, holding food together and adding a “stretchy” quality. It can cause an immune reaction and sensitivity to some when consumed.

BOMBA is located on the Ground Floor at The Gallery on MG, Sultanpur, MG Road, New Delhi, The Pizzeria brings you classic brick-fired Neapolitan pizzas as well as a cracker-thin crust, along with a small handmade pasta menu.

BOMBA takes pride in its inventive and experimental approach to its menus, offering dishes that are both innovative and true to their cultural origins. The restaurant’s team of passionate chefs continually push boundaries to create ‘Bombastic’ dishes, some of which will only last a season and some that will stay.