Bonn Group expands Americana brand, launches ‘Americana thins’

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  • The demand of biscuits has increased during COVID-19 era
  • Thin biscuits are loaded with superfood ingredients and are friendly to the pocket
  • Americana is an exclusive premium range of biscuits known for its quality of ingredients and rich flavors

With the aim of offering products with better taste, health and quality  ingredients in reasonable prices for mass segment of the society during the coronavirus pandemic, leading FMCG player Bonn Group of Industries launched new range of Americana thin biscuits in their elaborative biscuit and cookies portfolio. The thins are available in two variants– flavors containing superfood ingredients (sesame, chia and quinoa) & flavors from regular biscuit category (milk, chocolate and salty) and will be available across the North Indian states of Delhi, UP, Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the demand of biscuit has increased and the industry is leaving no stone unturned to bring innovation in the product variants across packaging formats, flavors and sizes to provide a wider range of options for its consumers. The FMCG companies are developing new products with an emphasis on healthy ingredients to increase their market share and gain traction in global marketplace. During uncertain times of COVID-19, comfort foods have been winning over the customers for their long shelf life and relatively low cost.

 “In line of understanding the needs of the consumer during the pandemic, when the demand of comfort foods like biscuits, breads and cakes has gone up, we have decided to launch Americana Thins to meet the growing requirement. Thins, which are quite popular in western countries, is first of its kind initiative in India. Consumers want light, easily digestible and nutritious option for anytime snacking. The chia and quinoa seeds biscuits are rich in Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Fiber. Whereas, Americana Thins Sesame has health properties including boosting bone health, digestion anti-ageing properties, good source of energy and stabilizing blood pressure. This new range of biscuits will facilitate Bonn’s strategic expansion while assuring the brand remains sustainable and catering to people’s need in these changing times”, said Mr. Amrinder Singh, Managing Director, Bonn Group of Industries.

The Americana Thins is available in 36 grams and 75 grams packs worth Rs 10 and Rs 20 respectively. Biscuits in India are popular in urban demographics and gaining momentum in rural set up as well. Americana is an exclusive premium range of biscuits known for its quality of ingredients and rich flavors. The biscuit ranges from regular cookies, digestive, cracker, cream, atta and other unique flavors

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