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byteXL adds International Expertise; partners with Singapore-based TOOOPLE to digitally transform the Education Landscape in India

  ·       Both experts will work towards digital transformation and developing employable skills for students and college faculty

Hyderabad: byteXL, one of the leading skilling partners for Engineering Colleges, announced today that the EdTech startup has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TOOOPLE Technologies Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based EdTech player. The MoU is directed towards digital transformation and developing employable skills for students, graduate trainees, and projects’ mentoring skills for faculty using both parties’ platforms and services through their respective offerings.

Key Highlights

·     India-Singapore partnership to provide Internationally accredited certifications endorsed by NOCN (UK) in emerging technologies

·     byteXL-TOOOPLE aims to skill 250,000 graduating students in the first year itself.

·     Two major programs leading to international certifications–Applied Project Development (APD) for students and Mentoring Projects for Impact to support and upskill college faculty members with alignment to India’s New Education Policy.

·     Will leverage emerging technologies like Telepresence (using 5G) for premium level projects’ support in the future

While byteXL is currently helping over 90 engineering institutes in 7 states to transform them into a new-age technology learning hub, TOOOPLE – a skill-development and technology aggregation platform, was started in 2016 in Singapore and subsequently opened offices in other countries with an expert team having over 200 years of experience in the Education & Technology Industry. They will provide international standard certifications to all byteXL Partnered colleges and students using its project framework, endorsed by NOCN (UK) and network principal mentors on academic projects that will be based on relevant topics in the current, new, and emerging technologies. By leveraging internationally accredited certifications in their training programs, byteXL will be able to stay ahead of their competition in the market and help corporates to recruit a skilled workforce with global practices.

Through joint skill development initiatives, the partnership expects to impact at least 250,000 engineering graduating students in the next 3 years. Both companies will together work toward skill development in new and emerging technologies and byteXL will be able to leverage TOOOPLE’s Applied Project Development Framework, to enable higher education students and graduates to make them future ready.

In addition to Applied Project Development (Foundation & Advanced) for students from registered institutions and graduate trainees, the partnership will also include Mentoring Projects for Impact certifications on two levels – Foundation and Professional for faculty members from byteXL’s registered institutions, individual trainers/consultants, and young project leaders with 1 to 3 years of experience. TOOOPLE will provide a project completion digital certificate in “Applied Project Development” to every candidate that satisfies the completion requirements/policies as set forth by TOOOPLE and the NOCN (UK).

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Karun Tadepalli, CEO and co-founder of byteXL said, “This partnership will provide colleges and educational institutions with international exposure and world-recognized certifications in new and emerging technologies. We also made sure that through this collaboration college faculty, in addition to students, are also backed by the right support system and are getting the mentorship they need to upgrade themselves amidst the constantly changing technology landscape. This will also give them an opportunity to then prepare and teach their students, industry-relevant topics to improve their employability skills. As we are aiming to cover 2,50,000 in the next three years, the partnership with TOOOPLE will further support our endeavor of transforming the engineering institutes to enable them to bring out more career-ready students.”

“This would be a joint effort with byteXL to bridge the gap between skilling and employability. The programs are tailored in a manner where we took full consideration into the type of support students and faculty might need on their journey to skill and equip themselves to meet changing industry demands. Collaborating with byteXL gives us access to their extensive partnered colleges faculty and students across India and the programs along with our mentorship will back the enrolled students and faculty in a full 360-degree manner,” said Sistla V Krishna, founding director of TOOOPLE.

To enhance the effectiveness in skills development for mentors’ certification aimed towards faculty members), TOOOPLE will assist byteXL to leverage emerging technologies like Telepresence (using 5G) for premium-level projects’ support in the future. This can serve as a key differentiator and scale up the delivery capability and improve the standing of these partner institutions. byteXL partnered colleges also have the option of enrolling in an annual program which would give them access to the TOOOPLE Mentor Global Community, updated mentor curriculum, frameworks, and technology updates seminars.