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C20 Workshop on Integrated and Holistic Health was conducted by AYUDH Hyderabad

  • Prominent leaders in the fields of medicine, technology, and education mentored the young people on how to find solutions to the health problems facing our world.

Hyderabad : – Samarpan ‘23 was a C20 workshop conducted today by AYUDH, the youth wing of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, and focused on the C20 working group dedicated to Integrated Holistic Health. AYUDH offers young people a platform to develop themselves, alongside providing a meaningful impact for society overall.

To mentor the youth, the event was attended by prominent leaders in the fields of medicine, technology, and education, including Dr. Priya Nair, Chair of the C20 working group on Integrated Holistic Health and a Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at Amrita Hospital, Kochi; Dr. B Venkataraman, a retired DRDO scientist; and Ashutosh Rai, Founder & CEO – “PreppyPick”.

C20 India 2023 is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20 and provides a platform for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to voice their concerns and aspirations to the world leaders at the G20 Summit set to take place in New Delhi this September. Its working group on Integrated Holistic Health is focusing on issues of mental health, elderly care, nutrition, and a holistic approach to healthcare.

Said Dr. Priya Nair: “Samarpan, organized by AYUDH, gathered a large group of youth who are enthusiastic and interested to be part of the C20 Integrated Holistic Health working group. This is very heartening to see that there are many people who want to come together and work for the benefit of societal health. Our intention was to give an awareness session on existing health, inequalities, advocacies, and an overview of C20 and G20. As the youth in the country, it is very important for us to be able to empower people as to how they can contribute to individual health and the health of society.”

The workshop’s main focus was on the five sub-components of integrated holistic health: mental health, nutritional health, holistic health, women’s health, and child health. The youth were asked to come up with solutions to problems in these areas and present their ideas to a panel of judges. The best proposals were rewarded, and all participants received a certificate of participation.

Added Dr. Nair: “We are giving them real world problems in the field of public health, and they are breaking into groups to discuss innovative ways to address the issues. It’s about how individuals perform when they take up a specific project in their communities. This program can empower youth to change the world.”

With India being a country today with maximum youth population, there is a huge potential in India. If the energy of the youth is channelized in the right direction, it can transform not just the country but the whole world.  In today’s camp, our workshops are focused on the problems and solutions related to “Integrated Holistic Health”. All our participants today have demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm and participation to engage in further C20 activities as well. said, Br.Mokshamrita, National AYUDH coordinator.

The discussions also brought together mental health professionals, explored lessons learned from the newly established WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (WHO GCTM) in India, and examined how digital health can play a role in promoting global and holistic health. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for accessible healthcare, particularly for disadvantaged populations.

Samarpan 2023 workshop was an eye-opening event, packed with diverse ideas and great speakers, offering a unique balance between academic research and real word applications. Moreover, this event has provided more insights into C20 and its ideals such as integrated holistic health and sustainability,” said Ashutosh Rai, founder, and CEO of PreppyPick. Today’s workshops such as corporate theater acted as an icebreaker and helped the participants to bond and understand the ideas presented.

The event was organized by AYUDH, who is known for organizing such stellar events. And last but not least the participants were all charged up and very enthusiastic about being a part of this, he added.

The theme of C20 is: “You are the Light”. The AYUDH workshop also provided a platform for youth to connect with this vision and understand its importance, and they gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in promoting health and well-being. This experience will help them to become ambassadors of C20 and its mission, as they continue to raise awareness and advocate for integrated and holistic health in their communities.

On this occasion Swamini Suvidyamrita, Principal, Amrita Vidyalayam gave the benedictory address.