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Canopus Electric Scooters Launched in India

~ Initially to launch 4 New Models – Aurora, Scarlett, Colette and Valeria ~

New Delhi : The world is moving towards electric vehicles and India is on its way to emerging as a key player in the market. Witnessing the significant environmental issues, oil prices the world is waking up to the benefits of Electric Vehicles. Addressing the same, a joint venture of SRAM & MRAM and ATD Group has pledged to take the initiative towards saving the environment by launching Canopus brand e-scooters.

ATD SRAM MRAM GROUP strongly believes that green technology is the new mantra of the world. The sooner the world accepts it, the better it would be for all of us in creating a cleaner world. With pan India operations, Canopus is headquartered in Noida.

The group will be investing to the tunes of 100 Crores in the EV segment that will be in a phased manner. Currently, the Prototypes of the EVs are ready and the company is in the process of appointing the Dealer network all across India. The vehicles are expected to be available in the market by March 2022.

The vehicle is expected to benefit the population across the rural and urban areas of the country. It will be catering to a very versatile customer market ranging from college students to local market travelling to small distances and the service class. What makes it further unique is its low running cost, in between 20 Paisa per kilometre.

In a bid to reach out to the masses, Canopus customers can get easy financing from ATD FINANCE, an ATD Group company, on a pan India basis.

To begin with, 4 models will be launched namely- Aurora, Scarlett, Colette and Valeria. Patented German and Korean acquired technologies like CAMIVT technology for transmission, FOC technology for Controller, tailor-made motor, highly efficient energy conservation system have been integrated in CANOPUS E-Scooters. This will enhance the performance of the scooter and to provide an incredible riding experience. The company has tied up with various premier technical institutions for consultancy. The R&D centre of Canopus has been established at Ahmedabad and the company is planning to set-up its production in Rajasthan. From April 2022 onwards, the company will start producing the scooters which would be 99% indigenous.

The technology being used in the scooter would be top-notch with IoT-based telematics smart TFT dashboard and mobile App which will display everything you need to know at a glance like driving behaviour of the driver, battery status, riding modes, to name a few. Canopus Scooters will also have smart features like geofencing, GPS tracking, SOS for females in the case of emergency, Roadside Assistance, etc.

Speaking on the development, Dr Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani of SRAM & MRAM Group, said, “It’s very important to keep moving with the time and innovate yourself. This launch of E-scooters is an effort in creating a greener world with the deployment of new-age technology. With this launch, we are sure of advancing into this new segment very successfully and helping a huge population to adopt this new technology. The tie-up will provide a portfolio of varied solutions that would help the Electric vehicle segment in the existing market with comprehensive customer-centricity.”

The charging time of the battery will be 4-5 hrs initially but very soon the brand will be introducing a new technology for the battery that can charge 80% battery in mere 30 minutes. It also comes equipped with the option of replacing or swapping the battery and the charging station is available everywhere, integrated with the App. Korean wind power technology will be used to increase the energy efficiency of batteries enabling the mileage of the vehicles.

Speaking on the launch, Manoranjan Mohanty, ATD Group quoted, “With the advent into EV segment, we are hopeful to fill in the gap by producing a large number of EVs with economical pricing. With these EVs, people from rural to urban geography, everybody will be benefited. While endorsing the Make in India initiative, we will be able to create a large number of employment opportunities, while producing the best bikes and scooters. Besides, the group will also be offering a gamut of services like physical and technological infrastructure, charging stations, etc.”

“Canopus is here to make a difference while catering to an everyday commuter like a college-going student, a person who is commuting for mare 20-25 Kms, delivery companies, people facing the ire of car parking. The community will be largely benefited by our home-grown EVs. The group would be engaging private garage owners and roadside mechanics to re-skill them so that they can service electric scooters. To enable our re-skilling programme, we would set up centre of excellence to train road-side mechanics and re-skill them to handle electric vehicles. This will help us in ensuring the highest quality and standardised after-sales support and service to Canopus Owners.” quoted, Shailesh Anandani, ATD Group.

Apparently, Canopus will have the latest technology that no other EV is using as of now in India.