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Carter Road adorns a new look with the marvellous Street Art for Sustainability

Mumbai: The city of Art and culture is undoubtedly the artistic hotspot in Asia. This time around, SuperBottoms, India’s no.1 sustainable baby care brand, organized an avant-garde street art event spreading the message of ‘Sustainability’ at Carter Road, Bandra. The brand tied up with the sustainability evangelist Ayaan Shankta, differently abled people from Trinayani, a non-profit organization that stands for inclusivity along with kids and influential mom bloggers who created their impressions toward the cause of spreading the message of sustainability. The famous mural artist Rashmil Vaidya, created a masterpiece along with the enthusiastic and cheerful kids who immersed themselves in the tubs of child-safe colours. The colourful event also had tattoo artists and a very popular Bummy who enthralled the kids and the moms with his special moves. All COVID safety protocols were followed.  
Speaking about the event, “Ms. Pallavi Utagi, Founder & Mom-in-Chief, SuperBottoms, the theme of the mural is to promote sustainability. We specifically want to spread this message that the future belongs to kids and being responsible citizens  we have to take certain measures  to educate new parents and onlookers about how our baby steps can help in protecting our environment’.