Century Pulp and Paper Launches BIRLACare, a Brand that Cares For You, Your Family and Mother Earth

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New Delhi:Recent times have shown how hygiene has become a prerequisite for maintaining health and wellness around the globe. The world has seen how hygiene solutions have functioned impeccably to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

According to global health experts, hygiene plays a vital role in maintaining human health worldwide. Good hygiene is imperative to stay healthy. There has been a significant shift in consumer-behaviour towards understanding the role of hygiene in the pre-COVID times and the post-COVID society.

Various global studies show that hygiene and health are interconnected. However, India has a low awareness on Hygiene solutions.

To bridge the gap and provide consumers with the best of products in the market, Century Pulp and Paper launched a refreshing range of Hygiene and Wellness Solutions under the brand name, BIRLACare. With the tagline, “Caring For You, Your Family and Mother Earth”, BIRLACare offers the Indian consumer a wide range of hygiene and wellness solutions in the form of Wet Wipes and Pocket Tissues, which are sustainable and deliver value for money.

Made with 100% Viscose Birla Purocel Fibre, BIRLACare wipes are not only good for the consumers but also for the environment. The gentle care and sublime features are unique to BIRLACare Wet Wipes. Birla Purocel is a 100% nature-based, biodegradable, compostable, nonwoven fibre.


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