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Chicco ‘s Baby Hug 4-in-1 Air

Baby Hug 4in1 Air is the solution designed by Chicco to accompany the babies in their daily moments, from birth till they reach 36 months of age; a versatile product that simplifies everyday life. For parents, it offers convenience and simplicity of managing daily routine of baby with 1 versatile product.

Chicco Baby Hug 4in1 Air is multifunctional solution that works as 4 different products

1)     A cradle for peaceful sleep for your baby to roam his wonderland in the first months of it’s birth.

2)     The bouncer that brightens up his day with the adjustable play bar, that keeps baby engaged and entertained.

3)     The high chair for eating together with the parents.

4)     First chair for it’s solo meals for when they just want to eat on their own (6 months onwards)

With the continuous height adjustment system and the four rotating wheels, Chicco has made sure that you can carry your bundle of joy wherever you go in the house. The Air configuration with exclusive breathable fabric on the sides makes Chicco Baby Hug Air 4 in 1 the ideal solution to always guarantee perfect air circulation, in all seasons .

It has an electronic Toy Bar with soft lights, music of your selection and dangling toys to keep the baby cheerful and busy while you continue with your daily chores.

This 4 in 1 solution caters to relaxation and comfort needs of the growing baby along with keeping it entertained, offering you a peace of mind that you will always need with the baby being around.

Happy Baby-ing.

MRP: Rs.23,990/-

Available at Chicco Stores, Leading baby outlets, e- commerce platforms