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Chicco’s Oral Care Range for a Sparkling and Healthy Smile

Oral hygiene of the baby is one of the most important points to consider while taking care of your baby. Improved oral health can go a long in keeping the baby’s teeth sparkling clean while making the gums bacteria free. Extreme care and attention are needed while caring for the baby’s gums and teeth during initial months.

Chicco has a wide range of oral care products which aid the parents to take proper care of their baby’s oral health. Practicing healthy habits can support in preventing or reducing cavities, tooth decay in infants and children.

Before or During Teething:

 Gum Gel: 

A perfect solution to soothing the discomfort before or during the teeth eruption. Babies usually get their first tooth between 4 to 6 months of age. Discomfort at the time of teething can cause them to be extremely irritable and cranky. To save the baby and the parents from this trouble,

o   Chicco’s 2 in 1 gum gel comes with a Xylithol -a natural plant based extract known for it’s antibacterial properties is a suitable ingredient for cleaning baby’s teeth even before they start teething.

o   The gel also contains Chamomile which is responsible for providing soothing and relaxing effect for the irritated and swollen gums.

o   The flavourless gel is 100% preservative free and safe for the babies.

o   Gum Gel helps to sanitize and maintain proper hygiene of infant’s gums.

o   It comes with a sterilizable silicone based very soft bristles finger brush for easy application of the gel

The MRP of Gum gel with finger toothbrush is Rs. 499.

 After Teeth Eruption

 Chicco Toothpaste

 o   Chicco’s Fluoride free preservative free toothpaste comes in two variants (Apple-banana flavour starting from 6 months onwards and Strawberry flavour starting from 12 months onwards)

o   Excess fluoride intake may lead to dental-Fluorosis/Decolouration/patchy milk teeth as babies can swallow the toothpaste.

o   Chicco toothpaste also contains Xylithol – a natural plant-based extract has antibacterial properties for proper hygiene.

o   Both the toothpastes are available in fruit flavours with no preservative formula and completely safe even if it is swallowed by the baby. Strawberry toothpaste includes Bio available calcium.

o   It has lowest REA (Reactive Enamel Abrasivity) Level and does not scratch baby’s tooth enamel.

o   The MRP is Rs. 249.

 Learning Toothbrush Set

o   The set consists of gum massager brush and a regular toothbrush from 6 months babies – 3 years babies.

o   Gum massager brush is specially designed massager brush with its small and rounded head and extra smooth massaging grooves to soothe irritated gums. It also helps your baby to build a habit of how to hold and use a toothbrush.

o   It also comes with a protective shield to prevent insertion.

o   The MRP of learning together set is Rs. 399.


o   Chicco’s toothbrushes comes with tapered bristles technology with ultra-fine bristles where the bristles are ultra-thin on the top compared to a thick base for a stable base and a flexible top to properly clean your baby’s teeth and reach every corner of the mouth.

o   Ultra-thin hair like soft bristles absorb less water and are highly durable with more effectiveness in removal of plague and food residue between gums & teeth which is the main cause of any dental diseases.

o   Chicco toothbrush has special size & shape for babies/kids according to baby’s mouth shape and age.

o   With large soft anti-slip handle, it can be easily gripped with comfort. Suction cup ensures that the brush holds on a slippery surface. Tongue Scraper (at the back of the head) and head cover is included with every toothbrush.

o   There are two ranges in Chicco toothbrush one starting from 6m onwards till 3years and another from 3years to 6 years. The MRP of 6m-3y is 249/- and 3y-6y is 179/-

o   Kids will fall in love with the exciting colours and fun deco options.

 Electric Tooth Brush

o   The special battery-operated toothbrush for effective and comfortable cleaning of baby’s teeth.

o   The toothbrush vibrates at 10000 vib/min for deep and better cleaning of gums and teeth.

o   A long life 1.5V AA battery and an extra bristle set is included with the toothbrush.