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Coexist with nature at ReWild’s “The Starry Night” nestled amidst a 27,000 acres Forest!

~ Uber luxurious vacation homes spread across a lush 54 acres in Doddaballapur, Bengaluru ~

Bengaluru: Bengaluru’s ReWild introduces the most thoughtfully designed gated farmhouse community living on the outskirts of the city and in the lap of nature. The projects are envisioned to be a pioneering development that will set precedence for symbiotic-ecological-communities, that will benefit from blue-green and ecological infrastructures, vibrant open space programming and sustainable practices for land development. The resilient community will also nurture healthy lifestyles, innovative livelihoods and co-existence with the natural habitat, while still maintaining an exclusive and uber-luxurious essence. ReWild partners with the best-in-class architects, infrastructure, landscape designers and experience creators to design beautiful and earthy country homes, unique amenities, and vibrant green plots riddled with functional, edible landscapes and water bodies.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a shift in the pattern of investment within the real estate market. The definition of luxury in this sector has evolved, owning your own piece of nature, having control over what you grow and thereby eating healthier, a more conscious and holistic living. We’ve tapped into this market intending to provide the most unimaginable vacation homes in India. While sustainability and luxury remain some of the few overused terms in recent times, we are keen on developing a lifestyle that reflects our true vision of accommodating a living that provides the epitome of comfort that goes hand in hand with nature.” says Mr Adarsh Narahari, Co-founder and Managing Partner of ReWild.

ReWild’s The Starry Night project in Doddaballapura, set on 54-acre land amidst a large reserve forest, accommodates approximately 100 plots, starting from 10,000 sq. ft. and going up to about 30,000 sq. ft. The premises have open and common spaces of 16 acres and a designated clubhouse area on a hillock, spread across a lavish 3.7 acres, and offers beautiful views of the forest, Makalidurga Hills and Gundamagere Lake. The project also comprises 7 water bodies along with additional Parks, Green Corridors, Landscape Pockets, Community Farms and so on. The various experiences one can expect in this community are an astronomical observatory, Glamping spots and gazebos, Nature-oriented walking trails in the abutting forest, Pathways mapped around water bodies and many more.

The most unique features of ReWild are Regenerative foresting and hydrology practices, Infrastructure planning using the natural contours of the land, planting native flora to increase biodiversity, building water carrying, retention and recycling systems, and extensive use of natural materials in the overall development. The picturesque, lake-fronted Bangalore Soma Vineyards, which also has an upcoming Wine Tourism Boutique Resort by Taj is located only 2 km away. The upcoming Bren Sports City is about 20 minutes away and has the potential to become a major tourism spot around Bangalore once operational.

Mr Abhilash Naharahi, Co-founder of ReWild says, “We aim to build an ecosystem of premium vacation homes that are managed end-to-end, irrespective of whether the owners reside in these properties permanently or just visit occasionally, offer a wide range of services ranging from security to hospitality, interior designers to architects, farming to nature-based experiences and events, ensuring all aspects of a comfortable living are taken well care of.”

The Starry Night’s key partners include Gayathri and Namith Architects and a Tata enterprise – EcoFirst for infra and sustainability planning.

Some of ReWild’s futuristic vision include:

·       To promote a model community that is water-resilient, sustainable and climate-ready

·       To foster a community that symbiotically co-exists and benefits from the ecology 

·       To nurture a community of health & wellness through vibrant open-space programming

·       Reinforcing the Hydro-Ecological Linkages for Improved Water Management and Biodiversity