Cooper Corporation launches 5 KVA compact genset – Cooper Bolt Mini

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Hyderabad: The global pandemic situation accompanied with various phases of lockdown and unlocks has highlighted the need for having continuous power supply. Be it residential societies, small clinics, standalone restaurants, standalone offices/retail stores, bungalows, farm houses and construction sites and others require uninterrupted power supply.  To address the issue of consistent power source, Cooper Corporation, one of the country’s leading engine manufacturer has introduced future-ready 5KVA compact diesel gensets in India.

The 5 KVA compact genset Cooper Bolt Mini incorporates the contemporary Air-cooled engine designed by Ricardo, UK with whom Cooper has a technical collaboration for designing of its state-of-the-art family of engines. This collaboration offers the entire range of 2-cylinder to 6-cylinder diesel engines from 10 KVA to 250 KVA. Now the company has introduced the first single-cylinder genset, i.e. the 5KVA. The company has created the most compact gensets considering the evolving global markets.

The Cooper Bolt Mini genset is a versatile engine that produces higher power and is the most compact in size compared to its competition. It is also the most fuel efficient in the market compared to other players.  With this new compact genset, consumers can have the lowest maintenance costs with the highest fuel savings. The genset is very convenient to use, as it has sturdy wheel base and a long handle that makes it easier to move the genset.

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