The Fact Maker

Cornitos Republic Tacos

Cornitos Nachos Melange – 1 packet
Carrot julienne – 1 pcs
Cucumber julienne – 1 pcs
Chopped Garlic – 7-8 cloves
Chopped Ginger –  20gm
Chopped red chili – 8-10
Super fine Sugar – 20gm
Lemon Juice – 4tbsp
Mint Leaves – a few
Spring Onion – 50gm
Coriander – 1bunch
Iceberg Lettuce – 1bunch

Wash and peel, carrot and cucumber cut into fine julienne.
Wash and clean the iceberg and shred into long thin strip, give ice-bath to ice-berg.

Squeeze the lemon into a large bowl, add ginger, garlic, chopped chill, some salt, some sugar and mix it together, dressing is prepared
Take another mixing bowl, hand break the lettuce, then add the julienne carrot and cucumber, then springs onion, then fresh coriander and mint
Add prepared dressing over the veggies, keep it aside for 15min so that veggies extract the flavour of marination.

Take out the mélange nachos over a platter, place a spoon full of stuffing over the mélange nachos, repeat the same process with rest of the nachos.