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CorporateServe Helps the Metal, Steel & Fabrications Industry Become Challenge-Ready

~MetalSoft transforms the enterprise structure with unparalleled technology & data-driven insights.

Gurugram: CorporateServe, a leading enterprise technology provider in India reinforces its efforts to digitally empower the metal, steel and fabrication industry with its groundbreaking solution- MetalSoft. The solution is customised to face the new-age business challenges head-on with lower risk and higher certainty.

As an SAP-qualified partner packaged solution for SAP S/4HANA, MetalSoft is customisable and helps customers centralize their data and decrease the risk of errors in business transactions.

The metal industry has been facing critical operational challenges such as raw material management, inventory control, transportation supervision, the collaboration between supplier and customer, lethargic supply chain, weak financial management, inefficiencies in the overall production process, and lack of integration across departments.

MetalSoft unlocks a host of capabilities to foster sustained growth for a longer time. The solution offers a host of value-driven features that are proven constructive and encourage the best business output. It includes tool & die planning optimization, new product development status tracking, business development, weight & quantity tracking, and metal reconciliation,etc.

On the present occasion, Mr. Vinay Vohra, Founder, and CEO, CorporateServe, said, “The steel, metal and fabrication industry is the backbone of any economy. Its challenges and complications are different and more sophisticated than any other sector. Hence, it needs a proactive system that addresses the issues quickly and ensures a smooth, unified and integrated workflow. As a marquee solution by CorporateServe, MetalSoft is crafted by an experienced workforce considering all requirements of metal enterprises in our dynamic reality”.

“The roadmap to developing the metal and discrete manufacturing industry through new-age technology is exciting and possesses endless potential. The prompt technology adoption will depict an upward trajectory in the discrete manufacturing and metal industry”, Vinay added.

On the back of sustained domestic demand, India’s metal & steel industry witnessed substantial growth in the last 10–12 years. Not only production has increased but also domestic steel demand has grown substantially Steel-making capacity has also increased in tandem, and the growth has been fairly organic.

MetalSoft’s carefully developed interface empowers players to leverage this growth and increase productivity & profitability and become more cost-competitive. The solution is developed by an experienced team out of Gurgaon, India to deliver a highly efficient, standardized, collaborative, and longstanding success for the metal, steel and fabrication industry.