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Costa Coffee launches its Diwali campaign, #CostaWaliDiwali in collaboration with Shivesh Bhatia

  • Costa Coffee introduces #CostaWaliDiwali campaign to offer unique Diwali-inspired menu in collaboration with Shivesh Bhatia, the renowned baker and content creator
  • The Blisstachio Rose family, inspired by traditional Indian mithai, reimagines classic flavors in a modern avatar

Costa Coffee, Coca-Cola’s leading coffee brand in the commercial beverage categories in India, is excited to launch the Diwali campaign of this year, #CostaWaliDiwali in collaboration with Shivesh Bhatia, the renowned baker and content creator. Together, they bring forth an unforgettable Diwali-inspired menu for coffee enthusiasts. This collaboration ensures a remarkable experience, seamlessly fusing the traditional Diwali essence with Costa Coffee’s modern and innovative spirit.

To embrace the vibrant flavours and festive spirit of Diwali, Costa Coffee proudly presents the Blisstachio Rose beverage family. Taking inspiration from traditional Indian mithai, this exceptional collection reimagines these timeless flavours in a contemporary avatar, crafting innovations. This delightful range consists of three delectable options: the Blisstachio Rose Hot Latte, the refreshing Blisstachio Rose Iced Cappuccino, and the tantalizing Blisstachio Rose Boba Frappe (available with or without coffee).

Commenting on the launch of limited-edition Blisstachio Rose family, Vinay Nair, General Manager, India & Emerging International, Costa Coffee at the Coca-Cola Company, “At Costa Coffee, we are dedicated to embracing and celebrating cultural richness through our coffee. This Diwali, our collaboration with Shivesh Bhatia for the launch of Blisstachio Rose collection showcases our commitment to crafting unique experiences for our consumers. The skilful fusion of tradition with contemporary creativity builds a symphony of flavour that celebrates the richness of Diwali in every cup.”

Commenting on the launch, the renowned content creator Shivesh Bhatia said, I am thrilled to be joining hands with Costa Coffee for an exciting festive range of beverages. Creating this range using flavours that hold a special place in my heart, that I have enjoyed growing up has truly been a fulfilling experience. From brainstorming ideas to conducting trials and finally witnessing the Blisstachio Range launch, it has been an absolute joyride to spread festive cheer among people with the best of drinks.”

To elevate the Diwali experience, Costa Coffee has collaborated with the immensely talented graphic design student from Anant National University, Shamon Sachdeva, to create exquisite Diwali-themed coffee cups, symbolizing the dedication to the festive spirit. His artistry weaves captivating visual narratives, transforming traditional diya flames into coffee beans, a tribute to Costa Coffee. The cups embody Diwali’s spirit and a pledge to blend tradition with innovation, all in your hand with every Costa Coffee cup.

Committed to delivering exceptional coffee experiences to enthusiasts across the nation, Costa Coffee has recently launched its 150th store in New Delhi. As part of its ongoing expansion plans, Costa Coffee is looking to open more outlets across the top 8-10 Indian cities, reinforcing its commitment to strengthening its presence within the country.