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Discover Chaleur: Madame’s Newest Fragrance, a Fusion of Elegance and Cultural Harmony

Hyderabad: Madame, the renowned fashion brand has announced the launch of its new fragrance, Chaleur, through a campaign featuring Shanaya Kapoor, the face of the brand.  A premium French fragrance, the perfume embodies the warmth of a serene summer evening and is a testament to Madame’s commitment to luxury and quality. This exquisite fragrance draws its inspiration from the historic town of Grasse, known for its unparalleled perfumery expertise, capturing the essence of a cultural amalgamation between the fragrant richness of France and the vibrant essence of India.

Chaleur unfolds with an inviting blend of top notes including the citrusy zest of orange, the exotic warmth of saffron, and the herbal clarity of clary sage. The heart of the fragrance is a delicate harmony of jasmine and the sweet, nutty essence of cherry almond, evoking the sophistication and allure of a balmy night. Its base notes lay a foundation of deep warmth with amber, the earthiness of cedar wood, and the textured essence of oak moss, creating a lasting impression.

Following the success of Madame’s first fragrance Lueur, Chaleur is the second addition in the category. The brand’s collaboration with Shanaya Kapoor, adds a dimension of charm to it, perfectly aligning with the fragrance’s narrative.

“Chaleur is more than a fragrance; it’s a journey that transcends boundaries, inviting wearers to experience a blend of cultures and fragrances that culminate in a truly unique olfactory experience,” shared Akhil Jain, Executive Director, Jain Amar.

With Chaleur, Madame aims to redefine elegance, offering a fragrance that appeals to both perfume aficionados and those with an appreciation for sophistication. This fragrance is poised to become a symbol of cross-cultural beauty and timeless elegance, a true game-changer in the world of luxury perfumes.