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Do You Care Enough For Your Child’s Vision In The Digital Age?

We are almost halfway through another year and the challenges thrown by the pandemic since last year continues , leaving us with not much choice but to stay safe and protected by choosing to work and learn remotely, particularly when it comes to children. The concept of education has drastically evolved and now all of us are accustomed with the digital developments. However, in the process our little ones are exposed to digital screens for an extended period. This new interesting development in the education sector due to pandemic is both boon and bane for the children. On one hand our little ones are getting an opportunity to explore a plethora of facts and logic, on the other hand the continuous exposure to the digital screens is impacting their eye health. Additionally, as per Govt. guidelines to stay home, parents are left with no choice but to engage the kids with digital devices in order to keep them indoors in the safety of home.

The new mode of learning and up-skilling online, often leaves us exposed to harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. Eyes being the most delicate and sensitive organ is thus vulnerable to the effects of such harmful exposure if not proper care taken for vision protection and safety. The constant usage of digital devices can lead to dryness, itchiness, irritation or even redness in the eyes of the young ones.

The most common sources of blue light are the Sun, which is a natural one, and on the other side the artificial ones like the digital screens of smartphones, tablets and computers, LED Bulbs etc. Due to the pandemic, we are spending more time indoors and relying on digital devices for various activities and therefore the effect from artificial blue light is adding up. Hence, it is advisable to wear blue light protective glasses when exposed to digital screens for a prolonged period. This protects the eyes from unnecessary strains that eventually also disrupt our sleep cycle. For kids it becomes even more imperative to take vision care as right measure at early childhood can help them to keep their vision healthy in the long run.

It is also seen that severe eye issues like myopia, dry eyes & early setting of macular degeneration may follow if measures are not taken at the beginning.

Below are some preventive measures to ensure healthy vision of your child:

  • Wear right set of spectacles with blue-light protection while using any electronic gadgets or digital devices
  • A minimum distance of 50 -60 cm should be kept while spending quality time on digital screens
  • The brightness level of the devices should be reduced
  • To discourage usage of digital screens 2 hours before bedtime
  • Follow eye exercises as suggested by an Eye-care Practitioner
  • An annual eye checkup is mandatory for every school going children

As the dreaded pandemic continues, along with elders even kids are going through phenomenal psychological changes. It is important to develop an environment to sustain a healthy life and an optimistic state of mind. This environment can only be created if we take proper care of our body and not ignore any aspect, which has gained importance in the post pandemic world.

 Written by: Ms. Pammi Jamalpuria, VP-Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab, pioneer of international eyewear brand, Nova Eyewear