Etude Lip Tints Vs Resolutions , Which stays Longer?

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Did you know that 64% of the New Year’s Resolutions don’t last. Well, what if we try a new challenge? Let’s see if resolutions last longer than ETUDE lip tints. These lip tints are made of quality long-lasting formulation which will leave your lips much more rosy and moisturized. So do you want to still bet on that Gym membership?

  • ETUDE Dear Darling Water Gel Tint (Shade – OR202)

This dear darling water gel tint from Etude House has double content of pigmentation with fresh extracts of fruits that delivers moisture to your lips with intense colour which gives a long-lasting wear. It also contains extracts of pomegranate and soapberry full of minerals and vitamins which provide a hint of freshness to your lips. This lip tint is available in 12 variants from a cool tone of red to a warm tone of red, giving a choice to select your colour according to your mood.

Quantity- 4.5 gm

 Price – INR 450

  • ETUDE Colourful Tattoo Tint (Shade – Naughty Hipster)

This colourful Tattoo Tint from Etude House provides a long-lasting semi- velvet tint that smoothly glides on your lips at once without causing any smudge, adding a liveliness to your lips. It contains silicon and hydration making the product weightless and comfortable to apply.

                   Quantity- 3.5 gm

            Price – INR 680 

  • ETUDE Colourful Vivid Tint (Shade – A Basket Of Blackberry)

This colourful tint from Etude house gives your lips a dramatic bright and intense look providing a moist pigment tinted effect. It contains menthol which provides a cooling effect to your lips and its fresh and moisturizing formula keeps your lips hydrated.

Quantity- 4 gm

              Price – INR 680

  • ETUDE Powder Rouge Tint  (Shade – Bitter Red)

The rouge power tint is a rich pigment that leaves an intense depth of color on the lips. This dense yet flexible formula leaves a weightless finish. This iconic lip tint is available in 8 glamorous red shades to make your look pop!

              Quantity- 2.7 gm

             Price – INR 850

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