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For ordinary men living gentlemanly lives, The Man Company brings a bouquet of four distinctive perfumes

  • The four remarkable and exclusive fragrances are specially made to add a touch of invisible but invigorating bling to your gentlemanly style
  • Available between the price range of INR 700 to INR 4000, you can purchase these products at The Man Company’s website, popular e-commerce sites and physical stores

People very likely might not remember your dazzling outfit, laid-back hairstyle or even your face, but the scent often lingers behind and reminds the other person of you. While getting ready, most people wear perfume in the end as an afterthought, but the right fragrance can have a long-lasting effect on people around the wearer.

This is why, expanding the list of aromatic fragrances in its product portfolio, The Man Company, India’s leading homegrown brand for men’s essentials, has launched four avant-garde perfumes: Polo Black, Classic Daily, Earth and Fire.

Perfect to gift yourself or your family and friends. These new fragrances can effectively spread an essence of fantastic freshness and goodness. Packed in pretty little bottles, The Man Company’s unique set of perfumes are the quintessential products that accompany the wearer anywhere and everywhere.

Here’s a brief description of each new fragrance:

Polo Black | INR 749

If taking bold decisions is an everyday thing for you, then the classic combination of Citrus, Earthy and Spicy aroma of The Man Company’s Polo Black perfume is the perfect perfume for you. This Eau De Parfum contains three amazing fragrances that promise ultimate goodness.

The first trail of this perfume will tickle your senses with a soothing grapefruit aroma. The second note is a woody-earthy whiff that effectively calms your nerves. And the base tone is an eccentric Amberwood that wraps the wearer with wholesome perfection. So, spray some and associate yourself with an unforgettable scent!

Classic Daily Kit | INR 2,148

Packed with two bottles of sunshine-like essence, Classic Daily Kit contains a no-gas Blanc perfume and Blanc Eau De Toilette. The go-to recommendation by The Man Company experts, Classic Daily Kit, helps men trying to keep it clean, sophisticated and professional. Plus, this amazing combo is already a carefully curated present for you to give your loved ones. No need to spend another second trying to figure out what to gift the gentlemen in your life.

An amalgamation of earthy and exotic aromas, these scents are made for men who don’t want loud fragrances but a whiff that subtly settles in the memories of those around them. One can wear this perfume everywhere, in the office or on a date.

The Classic Daily Kit will help you spread warmth without trying too hard. The best part is that this kit has a slight citrus note, which keeps the wearer fresh and smelling great for a stretch. So, don’t wait too long. Purchase it and complete your look.

Earth | INR 3,999

If there’s a scent that represents gentlemen’s humbleness, kindness, and goodness, it is the new Earth perfume by The Man Company. Packed with a top note of zestful Tobacco, the middle note of spicy Cinnamon and the base note of elegant Earthiness, the Earth perfume is the perfection filled in a beautiful perfume bottle. An ideal pack to shower the much-loved gentlemen in your life so that they can spread their inner and outer fragrance with utmost radiance.

The Earth perfume mainly elevates the personality of men who prefer their work to speak for them. Similarly, the Earth perfume fused with an aura of muskiness and emanating petrichor that can complement the wearer’s personality and speak volumes about their hard-working character. So, spray the goodness of Earth perfume and revel in its benevolence.

  Fire | INR 749

Fresh, Flora and Woody, the Fire perfume is the epitome of victory fragrance that makes you feel like an ultimate winner. The Man Company’s Fire fragrance represents gentlemen filled with passion and fervour. A blend of musky, exotic and exceptionally memorable essence, this perfume is chic and elegant that will keep the wearer feeling fresh and energetic throughout the day or night.

 The subtle note of Jasmine and Sandalwood ensures that the wearer smells great during long-hour conferences or party hours. So, just splash this little bottle of incredible perfume filled with richness of floral and woody extract and lead a life like an unforgettable champion.