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HCLTech launches automated legacy platform modernization solution on AWS Solution Consulting space

HCLTech, a leading global technology company, announced the launch of its Automated Technology Modernization Accelerator (ATMA), an automated code transpiler that significantly accelerates the modernization of legacy programs.

The automated modernization solution helps enterprises significantly reduce dependencies on application subject matter experts for transition from legacy platforms. The deployment can lead to reduction of up to 70% in effort and modernization costs while delivering high-quality applications on the latest technology stacks with consistent design patterns, coding and architecture standards.

The solution is available on the AWS Solution Consulting Offers for purchase and deployment.

“The full value of legacy modernization comes from approaching it not as one-off tactical decisions but as part of a holistic strategy to enable digital transformation at scale,” said Shyam Enjeti, Executive Vice President, Digital Business Services, HCLTech. “At HCLTech, we have invested heavily in building a comprehensive suite of products to aid automated IT modernization and also refined the right operating models, adaptive and collaborative workforce strategies and a robust partner ecosystem to help our clients derive maximum return on investments from their modernization initiatives.”

HCLTech’s all-inclusive and customer-focused solutions, coupled with AWS Ecosystem’s practices of transformative business models, are designed to meet their clients’ complex and ever-changing needs. Advancing the methods of automated legacy platform modernization, HCLTech and AWS will continue to increase the adoption of the network’s consulting offerings.

“HCLTech and AWS experts work together to innovate and bring together the best frameworks and practices to drive business transformation through modern ways of working and rapid delivery,” said Prabhakar Appana, Head of HCLTech’s AWS Ecosystem Business Unit. “ATMA is an incredible strategic cloud offering, designed to enable businesses to pivot from their current legacy platforms.”

HCLTech and AWS Partnership

HCLTech is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with a dedicated full stack Business Unit, which provides end-to-end roadmaps to enterprise clients for adopting AWS at scale. HCLTech also holds Migration, DevOps, SAP, Storage and Mainframe Modernization Competencies in addition to being an MSP Partner. HCLTech is uniquely positioned to help enterprises, both as a global system integrator (GSI) and an independent software vendor (ISV), with a cloud-focused ecosystem and product innovation strategy.

As a long-time member of the AWS Partner Network, HCLTech is a trusted partner that utilizes the latest AWS Well-Architected Framework to develop custom-tailored solutions for enterprises across sectors.