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Here’s what you should know before buying a suit

In today’s world, a suit is not merely a pair of jackets and trousers made from the same material that can be worn on formal occasions. But more than that it is a canvas for experimenting with fashion to make a statement look and shine out of the crowd. You are here to get your grounds clear before you start with the shopping for a formal suit for men but here are some key pointers that you should keep in mind.

Let’s suit up!

Knowing your Body Type:

When styling a suit you should keep one thing in mind, the fit of the suit is the main key. Whatever money you are investing in it will be wasted if it does not fit you well. Understanding your own body shape and size is important before you step out to buy. That being said you should also check the fit of the garment by wearing it. It is said the fitting of theformal suit for men near your shoulder dictates how it will look.  When buying online you must pay attention to the measurements that the seller has mentioned and decide as per that.

The colours that work best for you:

 As per me navy blue, charcoal, black, and grey are the most common colours you will find in formal suit for men. Even though black looks like a tempting choice it should be specifically kept for Black Tie events. Once you decide on the right colour then it is time to selcet the correct patterns. Mainly people go for stripes or plaid but if you are up for experimenting then there are a plethora of options to choose from. As per the fashion trends in formal suit for men you should keep an eye for shades of greens and browns along with patterns like windowpane and herringbone.


Everyone wants to go for a suit that makes you look like a million bucks but you surely would not be planning to spend so much on the formal suit for men. So you need to know what will be the budget you want to spend and then look for brands that fit in it. The price range depends on what type of suit you want to buy whether an off the rack suit or a custom made one.

Accessories that look well:

Adding accessories to your suit well just means dressing it up to perfection. You have to pay attention to the details to get look elegant and posh. You can spice up the suit look with simple accessories like a necktie, pocket squares, belts, watches, and shoes. Carefully choose the right combination of accessories as you don’t want to overdo it. You get so many colours and patterns in neckties and pocket squares that you can choose as per the event that you are headed to. So go ahead and explore with styling it right.


Every fabric has a different look and a feel to it. You get to choose it as per what is your comfort or the overall look of the suit. The most common fabrics that you will find it the market are worsted wool, linen, corduroy, fresco, and cashmere. Each and every one of them has its unique quality but over the years you will notice that it genuinely depends on the comfort of the fabric to an individual’s skin. Being a luxury garment you have to choose a good quality fabric for it to stay in a good shape for a longer period of time.