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Himalayan brings alive essence of Pure Kashmiri Saffron in its source inspired Ad

New Delhi: Himalayan, premium brand from the House of Tata Consumer Products Limited (TCPL) had recently announced its entry into the premium Kashmiri Saffron segment thereby strengthening its provenance credentials. The brand has now taken its signature source inspired storytelling style to showcase its latest Kashmiri Saffron offering. The campaign conceptualized by Schbang weaves the brand promise of providing 100% pure Kashmiri Saffron in an elegant packaging wherein each pack comes with a QR code. Scanning the QR Code, consumers can see the quality and purity certificate of their pack given the trust deficit in the category due to adulteration alarm on saffron sold in India.

The new advert beautifully captures the essence of Kashmir and weaves the brand proposition in a heart-touching story with a lady wandering through the picturesque hills of Kashmir, serenaded by the melody of local folk tunes by a lakeside. She shares a moment with a young Kashmiri girl who vanishes, leaving behind a precious saffron flower. Continuing her journey, she encounters the same girl at the end of a lane, who silently beckons her to follow. The lady follows her to a breathtaking saffron field in full bloom. There, she picks another saffron flower and places it in a box that later transforms into vibrant red Kashmiri saffron strands adorned with saffron flower motifs.

The ad also throws light on the rampant adulteration in the saffron industry  leading to trust deficit issues in the category. Himalayan known from it’s purity and quality credentials is offering consumers a first of its kind experience within the saffron category of sharing with consumers the quality and purity report of their pack

Commenting on the new brand film, Vikram Grover, MD, NourishCo Beverages Ltd said, “Himalayan Saffron is more than just a product; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality. We embarked on this journey with a vision to bring the mystique of Kashmir to your plate, ensuring that every strand of saffron is a reflection of the land it originates from. With each pack, we aim to share the rich heritage and culture of Kashmir, where the saffron blooms with unmatched purity. Himalayan Saffron represents a bridge between our brand’s ethos of premium, affinity for nature, and the enchanting world of saffron. It’s a way to transport consumers to the heart of Kashmir and allow them to experience the magic of this Grade 1 certified, 100% pure Kashmiri saffron, a spice that carries with it centuries of tradition and excellence.”

Harshil Karia, Founder, Schbang added, “At Schbang, we’ve harnessed the power of storytelling under  creative leadership of Manish Kinger to bring the journey of Himalayan Saffron to life. It’s a tale of purity and passion that resonates with the soul of Kashmir, and we’re thrilled to share it.”

With this new offering, Himalayan Saffron has brought alive the provenance story like never before. In addition to the Quality and Purity reports, consumers can experience Kashmir by scanning the QR code on the pack and learn more about Saffron through ChatGPT integration and also there is a section on recipes and how to test adulteration of saffron at home.

Himalayan Saffron is available in 2 SKU’s 1 g and 0.5 g on leading e-commerce channels and premium retail outlets in top cities.