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How to solve 13 Serious SME-IT Problems

New Delhi : Synersoft, India’s leading SME-focused IT company is organizing  a webinar on  16th June 2022 at 3:00 pm. The topic of the webinar is on “How to solve 13 Serious SME-IT Problems”, the speaker is Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd.

This webinar is on solving 13 serious problems faced by most SMEs while adopting Information Technology. The speaker will discuss 13 serious problems that most SMEs face. He will present a novel design thinking approach towards solving them also live demonstrations of effective solutions will be included in this webinar.

Mr. Vishal Shah, Co-Founder & CEO of Synersoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. has 25 years of industry experience. In this webinar he will be enlightening the audience with all of his knowledge and expertise.  This webinar will cover things like Data Scatteredness, Intentional Deletion of Data, Ransomware Attack, Loss of Laptop Asset, Data Leakage on USB, Data Leakage on Email and BCC, Data Leakage on Internet, Remote Application Access, BYOD Environment, Productivity Monitoring and IT Policy Enforcement.

In this webinar the SMEs will figure out solutions to all real time difficulties while adopting technologies. This Design Thinking Webinar on Solving 13 Serious Problems Faced by Most SMEs When Adopting Information Technology will be very helpful for SMEs.