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HP introduces affordable refurbished laptops in India

The initiative is aimed at providing affordable PCs to students, micro & small businesses, startups and freelancers

News Highlights

  • HP certified partner to provide refurbished HP laptops to India’s retail customers and businesses
  • HP certified partner to sell these refurbished PCs and provide after sales support
  • Starting with notebooks, the program envisions a rapid expansion to diversify its offerings

Chennai: HP today introduced refurbished laptops in India to enable easy access to affordable laptops. HP will run this program through an HP certified partner who will sell these affordable HP PCs to retail customers and businesses. India is the first HP market to launch a refurbished PC initiative, with plans to expand in other regions in 2024.

In India, the refurbishment program is being operated in a subscription model, allowing businesses to access the latest tech for 6, 12, or 24 months which is now being expanded to offer refurbished PCs to retail customers and small businesses on transactional basis. The program’s initial focus will be on notebooks, with a vision to expand and diversify its offerings.

HP’s certified partner will source devices from enterprise, and retail consumers and refurbish them as per the standards defined by HP. Post refurbishment, the partner will sell and provide comprehensive post-sales support, including warranty.

Gurpreet Singh Brar, Vice President, HP India market said “Recognizing the limited PC adoption in rural and smaller towns, we aim to transform this landscape. Our new initiative is a significant step in our ongoing mission to bring affordable technology to everyone. It’s a game-changer for those facing financial constraints, opening doors to PC usage. Students gain educational resources, small enterprises enhance productivity, and startups find a cost-effective tech solution, all contributing to a more digitally inclusive society. This program underlines our dedication to serving the needs of a growing market, particularly in regions where access to PCs has been a challenge”.

The refurbishment program stems from HP’s prior pilot initiatives, such as the redeployment of close to 20,000 devices per year for the workforce internally.

HP has set a goal to achieve 75% circularity for products and packaging by 2030 and the refurbished program stands as a testament to this goal. This program offers customers an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative through refurbished devices and making technology more attainable for a diverse audience across India.

Every HP-certified refurbished device undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process ranging from memory enhancements to storage expansions, tailored to individual preferences and requirements. The devices are then tested extensively and inspected to ensure optimal performance and reliability. This collaborative effort, alongside certified refurbishment experts and the esteemed partner in India, will guarantee that every refurbished device meets stringent quality benchmarks.