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Kangaroo Kids unveils its innovative iCan Learning System

  • First Child-Led Fluidic learning system
  • Focuses on developing 9 Future Skills & 15 Habits of Mind in young children

Mumbai: Kangaroo Kids, India’s premium early childhood education brand, is all set to launch its new and revolutionary iCan Learning System. The iCan Learning System aims to instill 9 future skills and 15 habits of mind in young children to nurture future problem solvers, innovators and leaders. The curriculum transitions from teacher-led learning to child-led learning, from learning outcomes to competences, and from a teacher as an instructor to a teacher as a thinker. This fluidic learning methodology brings with it an innovative curriculum and pedagogy, teacher training and development, tools and equipment, and immersive learning spaces. A dedicated team of educators and researchers at Kangaroo Kids have designed and upgraded this globally competent curriculum for the coming academic year.

The iCan Learning System is built with ‘I can’ learning statements that are measurable, visible and graded so that each child can learn and develop using their individual strengths and personality traits. It allows flexibility with pace and choice, thereby allowing the learners to enjoy the process of learning. This innovation will create independent learners by enabling them to develop habits of mind and imbibe future skills from a young age in whatever they chose to pursue.

Speaking about the new curriculum, K. V. S. Seshasai, CEO of the Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning, said, “The new curriculum is designed after thorough research, keeping in view advanced learning methodologies that enables pre-schoolers to effectively achieve learning milestones in the early years of their development. The age group of 1-6 years is the most crucial as 90% of brain development takes place during this time. The iCan Learning System is designed to prepare children for a world and a future that we can only imagine. The curriculum includes carefully designed and developed learning resources and spaces, specialized tools, equipment and activities that have been thoughtfully formulated to enhance the learning experience of the children. We are thrilled to introduce this revolutionary curriculum and look forward to creating another milestone in learning for our future generations.”