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Kelyn Naturals launches new body spray collection

Summer season is here, and summer for most people mean sweating and foul odour. To get respite from which we all start our quest for good smelling, long-lasting fragrances.

Kelyn Naturals has launched a new collection of fragrances for men and women on its website.

Founded in 2015, Kelyn Naturals was initially started in Bangladesh and now has its presence in India. Kelyn Naturals was launched keeping in mind the potential Indian market has for personal care, and body care is an importing country.

The recently launched body spray collection includes Men Body Spray Bare 200ml, Women Body Spray Scoop 200ml, Women Body Spray Babe 200ml, Women Body Spray Gossip 200ml, and Men Body Spray Savage 200ml, to name a few.

The body sprays in this new collection range from Rs 175 to Rs 212.

Founder of Kelyn Naturals, Mr. Ajit Dalmia, says, “We are delighted to launch a new body spray collection for customers. After months of hard work, designing, manufacturing, and packaging, we have finally launched this elite range of scents. Providing premium perfumes at affordable prices has been our specialty. We try our best to provide what we promise to our customers.”

“Our vision is to make Kelyn Naturals visible in every Indian household. We are also coming up with our new skin and hair care products soon, and we hope they will also perform well in the market, just like our scents collection,” Mr. Ajit further added.

Suppose you are looking for perfumes that have long-lasting, beautiful fragrances. In that case, Kelyn Naturals has a vast range ready for you. So without further ado, check out their website and buy now!