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KIIT World School organized a Graduation Ceremony for Pre-Primary

Gurugram: KIIT World School Gurugram celebrated Graduation Day to applaud the young enthusiastic learners of class Pre – Primary for their commendable performance. On this occasion, students were honored by providing them scrolls for entering the first class from the pre-primary wing.

On this occasion, kids from the primary wing were honored and advanced to class first. Kids dressed in bright costumes performed a variety of activities including music, dancing, and plays. The performance began with a welcome dance performed by the children, during which several types of dance from our nation were demonstrated. Children also performed a brief play about how education impacted the lockdown and how social media impacted children’s lives. The main feature of the program was the students’ presentation of Hindi poetry.

KIIT World School Principal Neelima Kamrah said that every human being goes through different phases of their life. The feeling of progressing from one stage to another provides a person the impression of being more knowledgeable and confident than before. As the learner progresses through the second level, he or she becomes more accountable.

Further, she added that the goal of the graduation ceremony is to build self-confidence and a sense of responsibility in the students, as well as to inspire future kids to strive for this level. On this occasion, the whole atmosphere became more colorful with the stage program, music, and dance songs presented by the students.