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KRAFTON Unveils First Teaser Trailer for ‘Dark and Darker Mobile’

  • Teaser Trailer gives a glimpse of the dark, brooding world of medieval low fantasy.
  • KRAFTON aims to launch the mobile game within this year.

KRAFTON, Inc. has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming game ‘Dark and Darker Mobile’, currently under development by KRAFTON’s creative studio Bluehole Studio, which encapsulates the unique medieval low-fantasy atmosphere of the game.

Revealed through the Dark and Darker Mobile official YouTube channel, the teaser begins with an adventurer from the fighter class, armed with sword and shield, entering a dungeon. The adventurer succeeds in discovering treasure while evading threats such as monsters and traps but ultimately falls to another adventurer from the rogue class who ambushes him from behind with a dagger. The teaser trailer gives viewers a glimpse into the core gameplay of Dark and Darker Mobile, themed around escape and set in a dark, brooding world of medieval low fantasy.

Starting with this first teaser trailer, KRAFTON plans to continually showcase a variety of content rich with the diverse fun elements of Dark and Darker Mobile through the game’s official channels.

Dark and Darker Mobile, an extraction RPG, features survival elements of battle royale, exploration of dungeon crawlers, and various aspects of growth from the RPG genre.

Adventurers can create characters by choosing one of five classes: fighter, barbarian, rogue, ranger, or cleric. Each class has its unique active and passive skills; players can equip two active skills to use in dungeons, while the number of passive skills that can be equipped increases as the character levels up. Furthermore, each class has access to different types of weapons and armour, offering diverse gameplay experiences depending on the class chosen.

Dark and Darker Mobile provides an array of dungeon content. Beyond normal dungeons, there are high-level dungeons, accessible only by adventurers equipped with advanced gear, where they must venture to gain high-quality items for character development. Additionally, there is a PvE mode dungeon, styled after defense genres where stages must be cleared, and a PvP-focused dungeon where adventurers can test their skills against one another.

Adventurers can acquire equipment and items through encounters with monsters, treasure chests, and combat with other adventurers within dungeons. These items and equipment can also be purchased from merchants, who offer quests to build rapport, sponsoring or selling higher-grade items and equipment. Equipment can be enhanced using gold and ores, and registering acquired items in the collection can yield character-enhancing effects.

The sidekick system allows adventurers to recruit AI sidekicks or pets as allies. Sidekick characters can form parties with adventurers for multi-user dungeon entry, providing stronger support as they level up. Utilising the pet system can grant enhancement effects when entering dungeons.

KRAFTON is aiming for a global release of Dark and Darker Mobile within the year. Building on the company’s successful experience in the mobile gaming market with titles like BGMI, having recently launched two new titles Garuda Saga and Bullet Echo, KRAFTON plans to venture into and establish a foothold in this new mobile game genre market.