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Listicle-5 Start-ups Shaping the Future of Health Care

Here are five of the top 5 companies, that industry observers say are leading the charge down that bumpy road and reimagining the future of health care.

1. Visit It is recognized as a full-stack Corporate Health & Wellness Partner with the highest level of employee engagement, and customizations at an organizational as well as individual employee level. It has an average sign-up rate of 75-80% with 30-40% monthly active users, even after years of implementation. Visit is Personal Healthcare Assistant to help you with all your health queries and a telehealth platform to connect to Healthcare Specialists.

The Visit App uses a data smart approach to engage and guide users throughout their care journey around the four wellness pillars: Physical, Emotional, Legal, and Financial. It drives engagement, repeat usage of primary care services & promotes habit formation through gamification & exclusive rewards programs called FITCoin that acts as a digital currency.

2.Navia: Navia Life Care is one of the fastest-growing digital health startups in India, which is helping in reducing information asymmetry and increasing access to quality information across the healthcare ecosystem. It was started with a mission to empower healthcare providers with innovative platforms for improving the standard of care and patient health outcomes across the world.

Started in 2016, Navia Life Care has developed a connected care platform that facilitates seamless transmission of information across various stakeholders of the healthcare industry, while generating real-world evidence which is valuable to these stakeholders in increasing their understanding through actionable insights.

3.Medlife International: It is an Indian online platform, which provides pharmacy, diagnostics, and e-consultation in India. It was founded in 2014 by Prashant Singh and Tushar Kumar. The company has a central laboratory-based in Bangalore and delivers daily to 29 states. Medlife has brought together doctors, pharmacists, path labs and consumers on a single platform. Medlife has a lot more to offer than just buying medicines online.

4.NetMeds: It is an online pharmacy based in Chennai, India. Netmeds provides online ordering and mail delivery of prescription and non-prescription medications. Netmeds and additional Indian online pharmacies began operation in 2015, Indian consumers had no choice but to travel at times long distances to buy their medications, and to wait in queues at pharmacies to make their purchases.

5.1mg: brings to you an online platform, which can be accessed for all your health needs. We are trying to make healthcare a hassle-free experience for you. Get your allopathic, ayurvedic, homoeopathic medicines, vitamins & nutrition supplements, and other health-related products delivered at home. Lab tests? That too in the comfort of your home. Doctor consult? Yes, we got that covered too.