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M2P Fintech launches ‘Better Half’, World’s first half a day employment programme for women

The programme aims to help women bounce back from a career break  

Chennai : M2P Fintech, Asia’s leading financial Infrastructure company, announced the launch of Better Half, a first-of-its-kind half a day formal employment program aimed at women to help restart their career.

Better-Half is a carefully curated program to re-start one’s professional journey, those selected are expected to contribute 5 hours in a day, making it the first company to make Half a day work mainstream. The program comes packed with benefits including formal upskilling, participation in ESOPs, and all other benefits that accrues to a person seeking full-time employment.

Helping one hone their skills and be prepared for Better career prospect and Half a day of work is the rationale behind naming the programme ‘Better-Half’. The programme is designed to facilitate a smooth re-entry to full-time work through a gradual ramp-up of work hours. The programme offers access to on-the-job projects, learning opportunities, and the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team. The programme also provides community support, and those selected are mentored by experienced managers culminating into an opportunity to convert into a full-time role at the end of 12 months or whenever the participant decides to convert.

Prabhu Rangarajan, Co-Founder – M2P Fintech, said, “For India to realise its true potential we need more women to join the workforce. However, our social fabric dissuades many to return to work from a break, often, leaving them with no chance to restart. We realised if there is one lesson from the past 2 years with Covid induced work from home, people join new places of work and perform, why not then extend this, and provide a chance to balance it with responsibilities at home. I am certain that we can make a small difference and do expect 10% of our team to be Better Half members in a short span of time.”

With over 500 M2Peers and growing rapidly, Better Half is aimed at diversification of the team and enhancing the gender balance within the organisation. M2P prides itself in being a people-first organisation with initiatives like flexible work hours, work-from-anywhere, generous ESOP’s, flexible leave policies and a special emphasis on work-life balance.

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