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Maa Hospital Doctors Performed a Rare Surgery

• An experienced team led by Dr. V. Koteshwar Prasad (HOD – Department of Orthopedics MAA Hospitals) performed knee surgery on a 65-year-old patient.

• In just 6 hours patient started walking and in two days the patient was discharged.

• The patient can now walk properly as he did before

Hyderabad: We are excited to share the successful completion of yet another extremely rare knee surgery by our highly skilled Ortho team.  Dr. V. Koteswara Prasad (HOD – Department of Orthopedics MAA Hospitals) and his team successfully completed the entire procedure. A patient who was in distress over his inability to walk in life was given a new lease on life

An accidental fall caused a 65-year-old patient to fracture his leg around three months ago. Immediately, the patient was admitted to a nearby local hospital. Upon examination, the doctor came to the conclusion knee part wasn’t broken.  As 2 or 3 months passed the broken knee became stiff.

Then, the patient was brought to us in the condition and earlier carried treatment was explained. “We have studied that patient’s case completely and could acknowledge the actual knee problem. Due to age other techniques are not possible to repair his knee. That is why we used special implants. They are called Intramedullary rods. We performed knee replacement using some such special techniques which helped the patient to recover fast. He was discharged and went home in just two days. Now able to walk as usual” said Dr. V. Koteswara Prasad.  Before surgery, patient was unable to move from the bed. Our expert doctor team operated with great dedication and bought back to his former state and shed new light on his life.

Dr V Koteshwar Prasad said that “At MAA Hospitals Team Ortho One medical team providing these eminent services”. We also take care and give special attention to endoscopic spine, Key-Hole Surgery, Regenerative Orthopaedic, and Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement procedures. Dr. Koteswara Prasad also suggested that these days many fraudulent advertisements are circulated so people should be cautious & attentive.

Sunita Kumar – Chairperson MAA Hospitals, said that at the appropriate time consulting an expert doctor will help to address the problem easily. She also said that we have done this surgery successfully at a low cost considering the poor farmer’s financial status. We do treatments for all Ortho related issues at our hospital.