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MacDougal Studios lets you flaunt exclusive Art-based Masks

MacDougal Studios, a Fine Art based Mask Selling brand aims at expansion into the market with a range of apparel for men and women that boasts of never seen prints and sustainable methods of production.Increasing presence digitally and in retail. Started with 62 SKU’s on the website, MacDougal Studios aims to expand into the current Indian market targeting the youth and art community. Subsequently planning an expansion into overseas markets gradually especially USA and Western Europe.

With 18 Products on the launch pad, MacDougal Studios utilises natural Cotton fabric with 180 Thread Count for their Limited Edition Collection. Each mask is Handcrafted by expert tailors consisting of women workforce with strict Quality Check Standards. The products are manufactured using sustainable methods of production and are completely biodegradable. The brand focuses on Sustainability and Green Initiatives.

Launched in May 2020, now aims to achieve 200% growth in 2021. The brand has already achieved a 60% monthly growth rate target. While their online business contributes almost 40% to the revenue while retail channels fulfils the rest of the demand. Selling across India on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and Native websites with retailers in Delhi, Srinagar, Leh and Mumbai. Planning retail operations all around India in the next fiscal.

Started in 2020 by Namisha Raj, an alumnus of International Center of Photography, New York and College of Arts, New Delhi;The venture is an emancipation of her experiences with the name “ MacDougal” itself inspired by “ MacDougal Street” in New York City, a street dedicated to artists and musicians.

Namisha has worked across different dimensions like fashion, film making, journalism and portrait photography. She has been travelling the world for the last decade assimilating cultural heritage of different civilizations, thus she thought about carving a niche with her imagination, and that is how MacDougal Studios was born.

According to Namisha Raj, Founder, MacDougal Studios,”Our aim is to establish an Artistic Apparel Label that is Global and Modern in its spirit and Louvre in its appeal, such that a commune of mutual understanding through Art and Fashion is achieved. We believe in Sustainability and Caring for our environment. Disposable masks have put the planet at a huge risk of non-biodegradable waste that is piling up. We need to focus on better avenues of masks and Reusable Fabric Mask is a brilliant choice,”

She further reiterates,”The initial response to masks has been tremendous. We have added celebrities, actors, models, cinematographers, fashion designers, photographers, renowned artists, RJs and filmmakers to our list of loyal clients. We have been receiving queries from stylists, models and cinematographers from all around the country for customized masks too. Various artists have also given a shout out to our products on various platforms. This has also encouraged us to come up with more designs and products in near future,”