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Made with Real Tomatoes and Cheese, Sorrentina’s New Pink Pasta (Rosa) Sauce Is Here To Elevate Your Italian Feasts

Sorrentina’s newly launched Pink Pasta (Rosa) Sauce, made with real tomatoes and real cheese, is a must-have for seekers of authentic Italian flavours. Whether tossed with al dente pasta,used as a flavourful pizza base, or layered in a lasagna, this sauce is the perfect way to transform everyday meals into extraordinary dining experiences.

Sorrentina believes in using only the finest ingredients, and this luscious pink sauce is no exception. Real tomatoes are at the heart of this rich Tuscan sauce; real cheese adds to its velvety smooth texture; and Italian herbs bring it all together. Not only have mothers tested this pink sauce, they have also been delighted by its zero-palm-oil, kettle-cooked recipe and how strongly children prefer its rich yet gentle flavours. 

Based on a traditional Italian recipe, this pink Rosa sauce stands out for its finesse and versatility. The ease with which you can add your own touches to this pink sauce – from vegetables to cheeses to herbs  – without losing any of its hearty Tuscan soul, is truly gratifying! 

Price: Rs.299