MediBuddy hails female frontline workers for their Sherni spirit!

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 MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform has unveiled the #MediBuddySherni Campaign to salute the gallanting spirit of female frontline workers for their relentless and selfless efforts throughout this pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for the nation. Especially for the healthcare community and frontline workers, who even in times like these have continued to support the community with their unceasing efforts and commitment. They have been consistently putting their lives at risk battling the virus, have faced numerous challenges, obstructions, been in grave situations yet have not let these hindrances dull their spirit.

Marking the release of the Vidya Balan starrer movie ‘Sherni’, which follows the journey of a strong-willed lady forest officer who has been imposed with the paradoxical task of capturing a disturbed tigress and the subsequent consequential crisis. MediBuddy celebrates the mighty spirit of such female frontline workers who have not only been battling the Covid-19 virus unabatingly but have also been efficiently balancing their personal lives.

MediBuddy hails these female frontline workers for their unwavering support and extends its gratitude for their relentless efforts through their campaign #MediBuddySherni. The campaign acknowledges the countless female frontline workers from doctors, nurses, lab technicians, etc. for their groundbreaking services throughout the pandemic and celebrates their Sherni spirit, which has been equivalent to that of a ferocious tigress.

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