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New DelhiIt’s just not the face that needs attention, hair also needs the same amount of care and attention. Finding the perfect code for perfect hair is almost an impossible task to achieve. Sash– an organic haircare brand has recently launched a perfect code for every kind of hair. The brand has come up with the HAIR CARE RANGE which will solve all your hair woes.

Sash Night Oil

Sash Night Oil is a fortifying formula with blends of Activated Vitamin E+ and Camphor essence along with nourishing Coconut oil and Castor beans. It is the combination of Science and Recent technology in blending oil.

Sash Aurora Hair Pack- A Magical Essence
Going back to the Roots of Science; Aurora is the right mixture of Organic Leaves such as Japa, Murraya koenigii, Fenugreek, and Basil leaves with the right proportion. Pampering oneself with an Aurora hair pack once a week enhances the rate of hair growth and thickness by 2 times.
Sash Dandruff Repair Shampoo

The perfect make-up of Surfactants made of Coconut oil extracts, Humectants from sugar fermentation, and a splendid blend of Rosemary and Lemongrass with a tinch of Real Rose makes the Sash Shampoo perfectly organic to get rid of Dandruff issues.
Sash Advanced Anti-Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo
The perfect formula containing Coconut oil extracts as Surfactants, Humectants from Sugar Fermentation, and a splendid blend of Rosemary and Tea Tree with a tinch of Blueberry make the Sash Shampoo perfectly organic to stop the hair fall.
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