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Outlook 20-21 and Predictive 2022 quotes Across Sectors

Cartula Health India

Quote on behalf of Ms. Shweta Agnihotri, COO, Cartula Health India:

“While the telemedicine guidelines in 2020 released by the ministry of Health and Family Welfare for telemedicine have proven to be the catalyst behind the growth of virtual healthcare, there is still a lot of scope in the adoption of technology by rural India. The aim of Cartula Health India is to reach out to every individual irrespective of the strata they belong to and offer primary healthcare services. In order to increase the adoption of telemedicine in the country, Cartula health India is going from village to village to educate the masses on the adoption of technology and how teleconsultation is going to help not only with their medical emergencies but connect them with international doctors as and when needed on one holistic app. As India is slowly converting to a digital hub, telemedicine has a great future ahead. Not just for a consultation, but to get an overall medical experience in rural India will be possible through telemedicine and also they will get access to medications delivered directly to their homes or at least to a nearby spot.  The virtual-Medical driven environment will be the next big thing in India”


Quote on behalf of Mr. Saumya Shah, Founder, tarrakki:

“2021 has been an exciting year for the overall markets as the Nifty railed from 14K to an all-time high of 18.6K. The last 18 months have created one of the fastest wealth creation opportunities for all types of investors.

This bull run in 2021 has witnessed a record number of new demat accounts being opened by retail investors as capital markets penetration in India continues to grow and digital wealth platforms continue to scale.

2022 will be no different. One can expect to see a surge of new demat accounts being opened as more and more retail investors are now participating in capital markets as traditional bank deposits products have become less lucrative due to the low interest rates.

2022 will be a year where not only individual investors will have an opportunity to invest digitally but a plethora of new non-indiviual investors like HUFs, Minors and Corporates will also have digital access to investing via platforms like Participation from new such investors will be a major driver for wealth management in India.”


Quote on behalf of Mr. Aditya Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Credilio:

“This year will see established Banks & NBFCs take big strides in terms of leveraging API stacks to generate meaningful business. We can expect them to back their lending expertise with fintech collaborations. Fintech cos will however continue to manage customer interface while Lenders will provide robust underwriting capabilities. We will also see a larger partnerships between Brands and Lenders to provide embedded finance options to customers which will be available across distribution platforms. Overall, exciting times for digital lending business in terms of business volumes”


Quote on behalf of Mr. Sachin Katira, Founder, Zoomin

“AI and ML are becoming mainstream whether it is to personalize the shopping experience, to predict demand, to drive efficiency in marketing or to even drive down cost in infrastructure. This will be the new normal. For a photo printing and personalized gifting company like Zoomin, AI & ML can help a customer choose the right product based on the photo that they pick or better still auto select the photos that they should print, auto-suggest page content layout copy based on image & object detection technology and use AI tools like an auto-enhancement to make sure that the final printed output is amazing. The other big tech innovation will either be around no code or low code platforms that’ll enable anyone with a business to sell online without necessarily investing in a development team. While large marketplaces will continue to grow, several standalone companies serving niche sectors would also have the chance to thrive”


Quote on behalf of Mr. Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Managing Director, Carysil

“Carysil kitchen sinks have been part of households across countries for decades now, what makes our skinks stand out in the market is the quality, tech & design and durability. As a brand, we are keen on introducing kitchen products that meet the needs of a modern Indian home. Built-in kitchen appliances with advanced technology are to boom in the near future, like in-built refrigerators, ovens, wine chillers and many more. Creating built-in appliances for a holistic kitchen experience will give our customers a chance to not only up the ante functionally but also create a space for engagement beyond function to deliver memorable experiences in the kitchen space. We, as a brand, are always introducing products that meet modern demands and also dictate the trend curve of the future. Combining our strength of technology, materials and design we believe this launch is the kitchen of the future for any Indian home”


Quote on behalf of Mr. Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Managing Director, Sternhagen

“Over the last few years we have seen a drastic shift in the bathroom spaces in India. For instance, bathroom Tiles designs have evolved; we have experimented with a wide range of 3D tiles available in some unique textures. We are an Indian brand that is doing in-depth research, designing and manufacturing of luxury bathroom fittings and sanitaryware using fine German technology in terms of both style and functionality. Product precision is key and this is where, as a brand, when enabling the marriage of art and technology, we deliver excellence through cutting edge designs and functionality in our range of futuristic products and bathroom suites”

Earnvestt Technologies

Quote on behalf of Mr. Kunal Ahirwar , CEO and Cofounder, Earnvestt Technologies:

“As per a Financial Express report, 82% of MSMEs reported a loss in revenue. Another major challenge is that the majority of the MSMEs don’t get the working capital loan they want from the banks due to various reasons and this is the point of intersection for Earnvestt Technologies. The structuring of products with the help of Banks and new technology will help the MSME market reach its full potential as it is the foundation of the industry. Blockchain could be one such way of making platforms more intact and swift.  The Fintech Industry has started to reach the grassroots and is now trying to uplift them with very real-world, innovative and problem-solving products and it will not only improve financial inclusion but also help the overall industry to become better and stronger in the coming years”


Quote on behalf of Mr. Wilson Bright, Cofounder, Blocksurvey:-

“Data is the biggest product or entity in today’s market, gathering it and its optimum usage is important. Blocksurvey focuses on privacy-focused data collection through surveys, polls, and forms used by Enterprises and small businesses to gather insights by using blockchain technology. It is built on a blockchain called Stack which is anchored to Bitcoin which enables the collection and sharing of data with guaranteed end–to–end encryption and privacy. Due to the digitization taking leaps in the last one and a half years, there’s also a huge risk of data breaches and thefts which the Stack stops from happening, in the coming years its use cases are going to fundamentally change the way privacy is looked at and will help grow the whole fintech Industry”


Quote on behalf of Mr. Darsh Goleccha, Founder, Monech

“Fintech evolution is at center stage and it’s time for the world of face to change intelligently and for the better. The single best thing to happen with this change is the evolution of customer experience as a whole, across all segments of finance. Blockchain, phygital models, tokenisation, etc. are leading the way in new and in addition to current trends, I personally believe there is one more big customer experience and value disruption coming and that will truly define the next generation.

At Monech, our goal is to build the best customer experience and create “true intelligent value” in people’s lives. Legacy Now : Monech’s 1st product : brings this intelligence-focused change and revolutionises “Family Finance” and lives as a whole. It’s super-streamlined and end-to-end Legacy stack is truly next-gen and each family gets their custom designed futuristic space just for their family. It’s : Defining the Change : Simply, Securely, Smartly and Seamlessly.”

St.Judes Childcare Centre

Quote on behalf of Ms Usha Banerji, Team Leader, St. JudesFor Life

“Survivors can lead a full life even after treatment and recovery. St. Judes for Life (Founded in Memory of Mrs Rani Vicaji) was set up to support our survivor kids from St. Judes India and enable them to achieve their aspirations after they have been cured of childhood cancer. A major concern for Cancer- survivors as they progress in life is providing for medical emergencies by way of health insurance. Unfortunately, Insurers do not normally cover them. Hence, it is indeed a matter of great pride and happiness to partner with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited, who viewed our proposal with compassion and empathy. “